Inter defender Bastoni’s could be Guardiola’s Bonucci at Man City

It looks like Inter fans should prepare for another summer where one of their best players moves on – and in 2022, it looks like defender Alessandro Bastoni could be the big casualty.

The defender has been key for the Nerazzurri over the past few seasons and appears to be attracting interest from Manchester City.

Recent reports in Italy suggested Inter have turned down a €60 million offer from the reigning Premier League champions – but would be unable to resist should bids get much higher.

City have struggled to find defenders since their influx of Monday in 2008 with only Vincent Kompany and Ruben Dias undisputed successes – and one was a replacement for the other.

One player Pep Guardiola consistently has tried to sign for his sides is Leonardo Bonucci but he was unsuccessful in his attempts to prise the defender away from Juve.

At 35 years old, Bonucci’s best days are behind him but Guardiola can punt for the man deemed his successor at international level in Bastoni.

The Inter defender, 23, is a playmaker from the back. He is comfortable with the ball at his feet and starts attacks for his side from defence.

He would be the perfect foil for Dias’ robustness and give City more balance.

Furthermore, at both club and international level, Bastoni has enjoyed the best possible education for a young defender.

He played alongside two of the modern greats in Bonucci and Giorgio Chiellini for Italy and two of the best in Serie A over the past five years in Milan Skriniar and Stefan de Vrij.

Bastoni has been equally capable in a back three as well as a back two and, given his age, would represent a spectacular investment for the future.

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  1. I disagree that Vincent Kompany was a success. He was solid enough in the league but when it came to big games with a lot of pressure he lost his head and made crucial errors or got himself sent off. A legend of convenience.

  2. Inter need a strong and generous company investing in its squad and other areas rather than these stingy Chinese guys making the club an auction shop. If they are not willing to do that they have to go away.

  3. Forget selling players. Sell the club if you can’t pump money in. Bring in PIF.

    Thanks Italian bureaucracy for making it impossible for teams to own their own stadium. Italy living in the stone age. Bravissimo!!

  4. Inter turned down that offer LAST YEAR there are no negotiations for Bastoni and he is freaking Italian he’s most likely never leaving the peninsula.

  5. As a Juvetus fan I recognize that Bastoni is the future of Italy defense and he should stay in Serie A.

  6. Why should he stay in seria a have you not watched that league it’s miles apart from the premier league I think we can all see that from how early Italian clubs exit from it plus Italians teams are so frustrating so juve let dybala go who is 28 years old and his replacement is di maria who is 35 they don’t make sense this is why the league is finished

  7. Reason for him to stay in Série-A is we do not know if he may succeed in the premier league as it is different life style also culture , Would love him to succeed at Man City but on other hand we need to think of Azzuri loosing another of future centre back , If he doesn’t succeed means he will come back to Italy and sign for mid table team from there on things will fall apart , I hope Juve or Milan to come in and snatch him from Inter

  8. All hail PhD Simone. The Inter Shanghai fans better CALMAAAA. Whenever there is a free transfer and over 32 expect the 7/9 CL winners of runners up to swoop in, with huge contracts ready and waiting.

  9. He should come to our league! We can pay 4 times as much as he has in salary now. PL is at a much higher level. He will still play for you in the national team. Give me one single reason why he should stay? Because he’s Italian? hahaha money talks

  10. He is too soft to be a top defender and repeated similar mistakes in critical games.
    Good deal to cash in.

  11. great fake news. doubt he will go to that boring boring football after playing with simone. there should be a counter how many fake news about teams you post

  12. knowing inter and that tit zanetti, they will probably sign some player from Argentina as serie a just produces players from that nation now, such a bunch of cowards in serie a

  13. @carl that’s true. Why else would the English sell Chelsea to dodgy Russian and Man City to Arabs. Money does talk.

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