Inter could fine Calhanoglu

by | Jun 23, 2022 10:34

According to reports in Italy, Inter could fine their midfielder Hakan Calhanoglu following his latest interview with Tivibu Spor in Turkey.

Calhanoglu hit back at Zlatan Ibrahimovic and appeared to criticise Inter boss Simone Inzaghi, saying that his wrong subs during the last Milan derby in Serie A caused the Nerazzurri’s defeat. He later clarified, insisting that he has never accused his coach.

“Evidently, some of my words were misinterpreted by some sections of the media,” he said.

“I never criticised any coach, let alone Mister Inzaghi, who I consider to be a great coach and one who strongly wanted me at Inter, putting his faith in me.

“If my teammates and I had a great season and won two trophies, a lot of that is down to him.”

Calhanoglu also hit back at Ibrahimovic, who had taunted him during Milan title celebrations in May. The Swede had incited Milan fans to insult his former teammate during an open bus parade, telling them to ‘send a message to Hakan.’

As a reply, they had started singing unpleasant chants against the mother of the Turkey midfielder.

According to Gazzetta and Alfredo Pedullà, Calhanoglu informed Inter about the interview, but the club still didn’t like it, so the Turkey midfielder could be fined.

Calhanoglu joined the Nerazzurri on a free transfer from Milan one year ago and managed seven goals and 13 assists in 34 Serie A appearances in 2021-22. His contract at the Stadio Meazza runs out in June 2024.


  1. Milan Fan

    Life just won’t give this guy a break. If only he knew how to keep his mouth shut…

    Once a clown always a clown 🤡

  2. Lucas

    Says the clown jr.

  3. Milan Fan

    What are you his daddy or is it the other way around?

  4. Milan141

    Haha. Even his newly-devoted-to club are telling him to shut up.

  5. putuco

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes

  6. All-Inter

    Insulting others wife, mother, daughter is what weak people do. Maybe they should look for their real father. No matter it is Matrix or milan fans.

  7. SMH

    Fans all over the world insult people – that will never change. It’s different when a clown like Hakan goes on air to criticize his own coach and team and also insulting Ibra who happened to win more than Hakan ever will and who is the champion of Italy right now – and Hakan continues to be nobody. Don’t forget that the turk started it all with his celebration in front of Milan fans – you play stupid games, you win stupid prizes. You “All-Inter” are part of the problem – no Milan fans ever insulted Hakan until he pretty much asked for it. Can’t fix stupid.

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