Inter confronted Mariani in the dressing room

by | Oct 25, 2021 12:34

Inter reportedly confronted referee Maurizio Mariani in the dressing room, asking for an explanation to understand the penalty decision in the 1-1 draw with Juventus.

La Gazzetta dello Sport reports the Nerazzurri discussed with the match official after the decisive penalty towards the end of the Derby d’Italia at San Siro.

VAR intervened after Denzel Dumfries challenge on Alex Sandro to award Juventus a penalty, when Paulo Dybala stepped up to score his 104th goal in the Bianconeri shirt and thus claim a point in Milan.

Not a real Inter-Juventus without controversy

Simone Inzaghi was sent off for his reaction to the decision and the Beneamata questioned the consistency in the usage of the video assistant, especially after the similar contact between Mattia Vina and Zambo Anguissa in the match between Roma and Napoli earlier on Sunday.

The newspaper reports a civil but determined confrontation occurred in the dressing room, when Inter asked for an explanation from Mariani.

They wanted a clear interpretation of the episode, as the result means Inter sit seven points behind joint leaders Napoli and Milan in Serie A.


  1. nucleo

    Just fair to have Inter reglaget ASAP. They approached the referee in his dressing room.
    In the tunnels is one thing, but dressing room? It takes me back to Moggi and the toilet story.

    Play it safe, relegate them proactively before other teams start messing with the refs in their dressing rooms. Serie A has enough problems to start dealing with dressing room harassment on top of it.

  2. Zambrotta

    @ nucleo: The statute of limitation might have already passed, like last time 😉

  3. Patrick Ghigo

    Inter are famous for crying… So keep on crying !
    Maybe you’ll celebrate another scudetto in 10 years time

  4. Cypher

    Inter should have bans handed to them. This is a test of the FIGC’s tolerance for referee intimidation.

  5. TSObhung

    Inter players should do that 2 decades ago, at least.

    But the penalty is fair this time.

  6. The soup nazi

    The Juve players didn’t even ask for a penalty as they knew it was not. One has to wonder if the Camora have $$$$ on Napoli or Milan to win this year with these bizarre decisions.

  7. Milan Fan

    It was a soft pen alright but what would they do if they were in Milans’s place? Losing 2 CL matches out of three with refereeing gifts to the opposition. I guess Inter would’ve killed those two refs (Atletico & Porto) right there in the dressing room.

    And they confronted Lazio and Sarri in the dressing room, too and wanted them to score an own goal! what is this entitlement? Like they’re not supposed to drop points.

  8. dzurjakcsopi

    so funny to read all the rubentini here. people without any moral give lessons in moral.


    You bums and especially @nucleo can’t even read! …”civil but determined confrontation…” it’s miles different than how Moggi was “bullying” people in toilet. at least read that goddamn article before put your tantrum here!

    @Milan Fan… this is Serie A and not CL!

  10. Ali G

    Inter get over it already. No alibis this time. Inzaghi is a coward for not going for the jugular while on top. Instead Inter went too deep and was asking for it.

  11. The soup nazi

    @ Ali G. Agreed…but the ref had not made a clear error…VAR should not have got involved. But it is not history.


    @The soup nazi: So you’re upset that VAR did their job right ? I get upset when VAR does nothing like on Handanovic vs Defrel YET when inter scores a goal so offside even a blind man can see it they went to VAR on it ……in that Game VAR doing nothing favored inter and VAR doing something in the hopes that it can favor Inter

    Inter should be at 14 points right now so be thankful !!

  13. nucleo

    @ I miss . . .

    I’ll make sure to take some reading classes, thanks for pointing that out.
    Albeit, the “civil” part of this discussion is surely or at least highly subjective description don’t you agree?

    I mean if I was a ref, down in my undies in my private dressing room having googly eyed Marotta barging in, well good Sir! I would be feeling intimidated. Who knows what he is actually looking for (at)?!?

    So in conclusion, I stand firm asking for Inter to be relegated.
    10 years from now Inter will start pitching about cases where staff members went and harassed referees in their dressing rooms. Just remember you did the same!

    Spare us your il onesti crap.

  14. Luigi

    It is delightful to read comments by Juventus fans, who no longer even bother denying that their club has a decades long history of matchfixing and bribing and intimidating refs. But in the same breath say it is no big deal because allegedly ‘everyone did it’.

    Is that really a moral basis for doing something, or justifying it? Apparently.

  15. Boh!

    Terrible decision by a hopelessly biased ref.

  16. ricky

    Marotta must be livid knowing the down payment on the offside was not enough. How dare VAR be used against Inter

  17. Pancakes

    Inter fan here… Those Juve fans are heated but nucloe is crazy funny on here lmao

  18. Ravanelli

    The way this article is written makes me laugh.

    “A civil but determined confrontation”

    Imagine reading in the newspaper “there was a home invasion but it was civil and determained”

    Then the explanation at the end is the cherry on the cake “inter wanted an explanation because now they sit 7 points behind”. Oh what a pity.

    Maybe if Inzaghi did not play with 15 players behind the ball, then maybe they could actually score and win. But playing the victim has always been their forte.

  19. Bosman

    You juve fans are sick…your team was dominated for 90min on Sunday and got a dubious penalty and yet you can still come out here to talk…cheaters

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