Inter and Milan ‘seeking solution’ for new stadium

by | Oct 25, 2021 20:29

Mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala insists they are ‘seeking a solution to make everyone’s interests compatible’ after meeting with Inter and Milan for the new stadium plans.

According to agency Dire, the latest encounter saw the local authorities ask the two clubs to further reduce the office space and buildings not directly related to the stadium that are in the project.

It is similar to the issues that Roma had with the local council when trying to present plans for their stadium, which remains caught up in red tape.

Inter CEO Alessandro Antonello, Milan President Paolo Scaroni and Elliott representative Giorgio Furlani were at the meeting today at the Palazzo Marino building.

“There is the mutual desire to progress together, we need to make everyone’s interests compatible and we are seeking a solution,” Mayor Sala told reporters.

“I consider today’s meeting to be a step forward, we will discuss it again later this week. It is our interest to progress, I understand the clubs and they explained that to compete in Europe they need new stadiums. Both we and the clubs must take a step towards each other.”

Stadio Meazza San Siro


  1. Milan Fan

    Italy’s bureaucratic procedures are ridiculous. How many years has it been now? Clubs and investors must run around and try for 10 years before they maybe receive some kind of green light to build a stadium.

  2. Sam

    Agreed. Must do what Juve did – build outside the city. Avoid the bureaucratic mess and hand outs Italy is known for. Otherwise this drags in for another 20 years…embarrassing


    It’s about 7 years since Barbera Berlusconi said the new stadium was going ahead. Both Milan’s were talking about a new one 20 years ago as well.

    Expect the usual delays and red tape.

  4. Blop

    Italy is in shambles. Immigration disaster, poor classes rise, no jobs , exodus of youth and educated , it’s absolutely a disgrace. The whole of Europe is in shambles. Let the people , entrepreneurs build , innovate , lower the red tape , regulations and garbage. The politicians talk about compromise and creating jobs, yet make it impossible to dig a hole or incentivize youth to be entrepreneurs. No they make scandalous tax incentives for foreigners to make their own wealth than and keep the locals poor . Let Italy be great, gvt out

  5. TSObhung

    Does their venue rent account for a large proportion of the city government’s revenue? lol

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