Inter and Milan have made a new step towards building a new stadium for both clubs, but the Nerazzurri Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello admits it won’t be ready before 2027.

This morning, Inter and Milan representatives held a new meeting with Milan mayor Beppe Sala, obtaining certainties regarding the timing of the project.

Inter’s Corporate CEO Alessandro Antonello and Milan President Paolo Scaroni took part in the meeting, but only the Nerazzurri director spoke to the media.

“There is a road map that we hope will speed up the approval process,” Antonello said, as quoted by

“We have not yet discussed technical matters. We are willing to review the entire project from the perspective of environmental sustainability as long as there is a certainty about the timing. By now, the horizon is 2027. The deadline has become that.”

Antonello confirmed that San Siro will be the stadium for the Winter Olympics in Milan and Cortina in 2026.

Milan’s Mayor Beppe Sala confirmed through a Facebook post that the inauguration ceremony of the Winter Olympics would be held at the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza.

He also stated that the project for the new stadium, which will be built at San Siro, would need to respect the environmental guidelines.

Sala also added that the area around the stadium would need to be implemented, being environmentally sustainable.

Both clubs have agreed to respect such conditions, so the municipal council should quickly approve the project given its public interest.

11 thought on “Inter and Milan stadium won’t be ready before 2027”
  1. Rubbish at its finest, a stadium on its own take just 2-3 years to complete but in Italy you will need at least 5-6 years to get an approval to build , all this is because the council knew that once the club has its own stadium that means no annual rent fees for them, hence all these delay, this is the major problem facing Italian football, if they can get rid of that cancer bureaucracy Italian football will back to his best

  2. I think the solution is moving out of San Siro area and building the stadium somewhere further out. This way San Siro Will still be standing. untouched.

  3. Disgraceful bunch of regressive elements who see building of new stadium as a problem. Italian football will suffer for a long time with shameful processes like this.

  4. Once again Politics and delays are interfering with another Stadium project. This kind of thing is why Italian club football is falling behind more and more each year.
    A new stadium would help Inter and Milan have more spectators, better facilities, more tourists and it an be rented out too as a private venue for other events..allowing the 2 clubs to generate more money to compete with Premier League clubs that have a lot of money. But, no…the Milan City Council want all that money for themselves, and would not even invest in upgrading the old San Siro….this is holding back all our clubs and they keep losing players each summer to richer clubs because we refuse to allow them to become modern. Shameful

  5. Move the project away from the city, let the backward Sala rent out San Siro to someone else, this is what the people heading Italian should be fighting for not useless stuffs they are debating everyday, I hope new owner will come in with serious innovation though, Milan should be having his own sole stadium not Sharing a new stadium with Inter

  6. The impact of a pandemic couldn’t even accelerate this lethargic and cumbersome process.

    153 stadia built across Europe the last 10 years…ONLY 1 of those was in Italy.

    Shameful and sad.

  7. Look at the debacle in Rome..they had apparently broke ground. There is something so…off about all of this. so shortsighted they cannot understand the potential benefits of cutting edge stadiums? At this rate serie a regular season will be taking place in UAE in a few years.

  8. Too many peoples beaks to wet. This is nothing can get done in Italy. It is sad. Rome should already have a new stadium. Napoli. Milan. But the politicians all have their hands out. Maybe let Gennaro Savastano lead these projects. The politicians are worse than the friends of ours.

  9. Meanwhile in the USA, teams from all sports have the finest arenas and stadiums possible.

    2 baseball teams have gone through 2 stadiums each in about 30 Years.

    MLS teams build their so-called SSS (soccer specific stadium) and they are the only tenants. Unlike in Italy where they are municipally owned and as such have a running track.

    What’s next? Re-use the Colosseum? At this point it may come to that.

    One embarrassment after another.

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