Insigne to join Toronto FC as a free agent

by | Dec 28, 2021 11:24

According to SportMediaset, Napoli star Lorenzo Insigne has reached an agreement with Toronto FC, where he will move as a free agent at the end of the season.

Insigne sees his current deal expire in June 2022. He has been linked with Inter and Tottenham but seems to have picked Toronto as his next destination.

According to SportMediaset, the 30-year-old has agreed personal terms with the MLS side.

Insigne will reportedly earn €9.5m-a-year for five seasons.

Napoli had offered him a €3.5m contract, less than his current €5m deal.

In a recent interview with Il Corriere dello Sport, his agent Vincenzo Pisacane suggested Insigne move abroad in case he’d leave Napoli.

According to the report, one of the reasons why Insigne will move to Toronto is that he won’t meet Napoli in any competition.

The economic part has clearly had an impact on Insigne’s choice. According to the report, there is no doubt that the Italy international will join Toronto and could even sign his contract in January.

UPDATE: According to Sky Sport Italia, Toronto’s offer is even higher and Insigne is ‘tempted’ although he hasn’t yet accepted it.

Lorenzo Insigne


  1. Jakes

    What a shame. Moving to Toronto would also be a goodbye to top level football and maybe also to Azzurri. Giovinco made similar move and has not been with the azzurri since. Money talks..

  2. Louch

    Just need this confirmed by di Marzio and he be coming to the 6 let’s gooooooooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Alfredo

    Understand his reasoning for not wanting to meet Napoli in any tournament – but unfortunately this move is a hugely disappointing one for fans of Italian football.
    One of our most talented and inventive forwards; coming off an excellent European championship winning performance in the pomp of his career, saying goodbye to top-level football in Europe and joining the MLS. Would have been great to see Insigne at a top European team playing in the UCL next season, where he belongs. Very disappointing.

    Will be interesting to see How Mancini reacts to this move and if it will compromise his place in the national team?

  4. NVD

    No issues with this move. TFC is my team in MLS and whilst I was skeptical of what Giovinco could do in MLS with less quality around him, he delivered greatly. Arguably the best single season in MLS history.

    Insigne to MLS is better than Insigne to any other Serie A side. If ADL doesn’t want to pay the man, Insigne right to make that coin. TFC fans will adore him.

  5. JUVEwarrior

    Brilliant move for Insigne if it comes off.
    Even greater for Italy since he has been too inconsistent. Not in same league as a Zola, Del Piero or Totti. Baggio of course was in a league of his own.

  6. Vieri

    If this gets him off the Azzurri then it’s great. He’s way too inconsistent to start regularly. Chiesa, Raspadori, and the criminally underrated Grifo can play on the left. It’s actually baffling how Grifo barely has any chance with the Azzurri given how good and consistent has been with Freiburg. This season he’s playing at a higher level than ever before so it’s even weirder he hasn’t been called up. Mancini likes his group of players though so there might not be any change at all even if Insigne moves to MLS.

  7. william

    De Laurentiis seems like the one to blame, here.

  8. Brandon

    I recall watching an interview maybe 6 weeks ago when De Laurentis was asked about Insigne’s contract negotiations. He was amused by it and came across that he didn’t mind if Insigne left.

    Would have been nice to see he and Mertens win the scudetto but after Oshimen’s injury, that went by the wayside.

    He is clearly done in Azzurro. But if he see’s out the season and leaves in May, he will be picked for the Playoffs. But not for the UNL or World Cup, should we qualify.

  9. Brandon

    As if concerns Italy, Insigne seemed to be affected the most with Spina’s injury. Those 2 had a nice telepathy on the left side. Beautiful interchanges, like the one against Belgium when Spina took a ball off his standing leg and let it roll to Insigne. So many other ones. Those 2 meshed effortlessly.

    Insigne and Emerson never did find any sort of rhythm together.

    We could afford to lose Insigne. But if Spina returns, so will Insigne, this I am sure.

    If he doesn’t, then it’s Chiesa on the Left, with Matteo Politano on the Right. Politano is already 28 but this is good for the short term.

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