Infantino comments boost Italy-Saudi Arabia World Cup bid

by | Oct 20, 2021 17:11

FIFA President Gianni Infantino said ‘World Cups in a single country are probably a thing of the past,’ boosting Italy’s rumoured joint bid with Saudi Arabia.

The FIGC (Italian Football Federation) hinted several times that they are planning to stage bids for not just the 2028 European Championship, but above all the 2030 World Cup.

In the latter scenario, there have been many reports in the Italian media that it would be a joint bid between Italy and Saudi Arabia.

There are already close ties between the countries and their football, with the Italian Supercup played several times in Saudi Arabia, including a date yet to be confirmed for 2021 or early 2022.

During his long press conference today, FIFA President Infantino made a comment that could well reflect on Italy’s chances of landing the tournament.

“World Cups in a single country are probably a thing of the past.”

It comes after UEFA President Aleksandar Ceferin confessed having EURO 2020 hosted by several different countries was not an experiment he’d like to see repeated, as the logistical issues were extreme, especially during a pandemic.

Meanwhile, FIFA confirmed that the Club World Cup will be staged in the UAE in early 2022, after Japan pulled out due to the COVID-19 situation.

This will include Jorginho’s Chelsea, who won the Champions League.

The Club World Cup was already held in Saudi Arabia in 2009, 2010, 2017 and 2018.


  1. dangerboy

    Of all nations to be aligned yourself with, Saudi Arabia is NOT the one. This is bad.

    Keep it at 32 teams, build a few more stadiums and Italy only.

    On top of that you will surely have some teams traveling back and forth a few times and racking up Kilometers like Wales did at Euro 2020 and they were none too pleased.

  2. dangerboy

    Want joint bids?

    Why not put one with Greece or Croatia? Or a tri-bid with Italy, Greece, Croatia? That would be just perfect.

    At least there is admiration towards these 2 nation’s by Italians, a history for better or worse.

    Saudi Arabia and their human rights issues. A nation where Sharia Law is the law of the land. I think women have only been allowed to drive for a couple of years.

    Somebody at the FIGC and FIFA stands to make a lot of money from this. Hope some undercover news magazine digs deeper into this like like that Panorama doc has done with Jack Warner and other FIFA scandals.

  3. aNDREJ

    Neither does it makes sense in terms of climate…

  4. TSObhung


    Co-hosting are only for the neighbouring countries!!

    I thought that is COMMON SENSE.

  5. MARCO

    What an embarrassment that would be. Why not add China in there too while we are at it?

  6. Bruno

    @dangerboy, TSObhung and Marco.. Well said!!

    I really like the idea of Greece and Croatia joining Italy as the co-hosts. Three amazing countries.

  7. dangerboy

    As an Italy fan, I will support a joint Uruguay-Argentina bid in a 100 Year Anniversary of the first one (as is rumored) before an Italian one with Saudi Arabia.

    Saudi should have gotten into the act with their fellow Arabs, Qatar, now that they’ve finally discovered football. Not italy.

    Gimmie Italy with Greece and/or Croatia before this crap. I hope they pony up all this money and lose the vote.

    Just annoying to see THAT country on our coattails now. Bad enough to see Americans and Chinese buy our clubs now we have another angle with those people. I am sick.

    Globaliam is a cancer that must be eradicated.

  8. Donato

    Dangerboy: Very well said! Agree with all your points

  9. Vittorio


    Spot on. Very well said. You and others are absolutely 200% correct. Common sense within FifA is that quality which seems a relic of the past.

  10. TONINO

    I agree with all the comments made. It should be for countries that are near each other so Italy, Croatia and Greece would make sense. It would also give a good boost for the 2 countries to improve their stadiums and infrastructure. I also hope they keep the World Cups every 4 years.

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