Media reports suggest that Italy’s upcoming Super Cup match against Argentina may be Ciro Immobile’s last game for the Azzurri.

The 32-year-old Lazio star was one of the most criticised figures following Italy’s failure to qualify for the upcoming World Cup in Qatar, with many blaming the Italian forward for failing to replicate his club form for country. He struggled to show his best in Roberto Mancini’s system and often failed to make a significant impact in matches.

As reported by, Immobile is still expected to retire from international duty soon and his last appearance for Italy may come in their upcoming Super Cup game against Argentina, assuming that Mancini can convince him to don the shirt one last time.

The Italian striker is still a star at Lazio and his hattrick in the 4-1 win over Genoa on the weekend only confirmed his importance to the Biancocelesti. His coach Maurizio Sarri also suggested that international retirement may be the best choice.

17 thought on “Immobile’s last Azzurri match reportedly on the horizon”
  1. True, Immobile wasn’t able to replicate his form for Italy, and its time for new faces, but give the guy an A for effort-he worked tirelessly and gave his all, it just wasn’t enough, and he cant be the scapegoat-Italy failing to qualify goes beyond one player.

  2. You don’t get an A for effort when you get paid millions to play a sport while most of us can only dream of being in his place. While I agree it wasn’t all his fault – good riddance

  3. What would all of our Azzurri armchair technical managers here on FI write should he have been fit to compete against Switzerland in Bern and had been the striker to convert the penalty there?

    This was the result of backward Seria A club ownership and managers choosing not to provide playing time for younger Italuam prospects. No one can successfully argue that young foreigner players are exponentially more talented or with greater potential than Italian youth. I don’t buy it. Seria A clubs trying to win on the cheap.

    The true Vittorio
    Only 3rd to Vittorio Pozzo and my dear grandfather.

  4. Not only could he not score for Italy but his performances were awful! He couldn’t even control the ball. He was a fish out of water and this is where Mancini comes in! Somebody should have sent Mancini to Specsavers!

  5. Scores a hat trick against Genoa, but can’t score 1 lousy goal against North Macedonia—population 2 million. Goodbye, good riddance!

  6. You all make some excellent points as far as I’m concerned , but none more significant than the fact that Mancini was the one calling the shots . and yes Jorginho is to blame, and yes Berardi is to blame , but the manager is the head and ,it starts at the top . I was so sold on Mancini but if he doesn’t change the system now I’m calling for his dismissal sorry Mancio But you Gotta make change now !!!

  7. Ciao Ciao….Jorginho , Immobile and Insigne… See you at the beach. Make sure your hair is well groomed.

    Ciao Ciao

  8. Have no idea what we would have done in Group E in place of Portugal but there was a couple if nice storylines in there.

    A 2002 revenge against South Korea.

    The 2014 match versus Uruguay when Luis Suarez got away with biting Chiellini.

    Not concerning us, but there is a rematch between Uruguay and Ghana and the (him again) Luis Suarez handball/ Gyan missed PK.

    Would have liked to see if our guys could have found their spark. How Chiesa would have recovered, if Raspadori, Scamacca, Frattesi, took it to the next level.

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