Immobile: ‘Lazio go into training retreat’

by | Oct 24, 2021 17:39

Lazio star striker Ciro Immobile reveals the club will send the squad into training retreat after their 4-1 loss against Hellas Verona.

Maurizio Sarri and Lazio players didn’t leave the dressing rooms for more than one hour after their heavy defeat at the Stadio Bentegodi.

Once they did it, Immobile spoke to Lazio’s official radio, saying the squad will be sent to training retreat.

“We are all disappointed, everybody must do something more and think about what’s going on. We are sorry for the fans, we know we have to work hard,” the Italy international said.

Serie A Highlights: Verona 4-1 Lazio

“We are trying to understand what makes us lose tranquillity, we believe in the work of the coach and we are reaping the rewards in some games. I am convinced about the quality of the team.

“We need consistency, we must win 3-4 games in a row to absorb what the coach wants. We want to cancel this defeat and move on. The club has decided to send the squad to training retreat, and we’ll work.”

The Biancocelesti return to the pitch on Wednesday, hosting Fiorentina at the Stadio Olimpico.

Ciro Immobile


  1. Burky

    It was clear to see, Patric and Radu ….but Radu hasn’t played all season and he was playing CB with another player who barely played this season.

    As a Lazio suporter I am patient I just don’t wanna hear about drama. Keep the shit inhouse and work. Work . Work.


  2. Mr Lazio

    Some times maybe good sometimes maybe s*it

    Imagine where we would be with consistency! Get through this season reinforce in summer and next year I’d have us as a dark horse

  3. Laziale

    We have worse defensive players than some middle teams in Serie B. It doesn´t matter how much we score when we start each game with 2-3 conceded goals, even against teams like Venezia, Bologna and Verona. Imagine removing Ciros goals and we would be fighting against relegation right now.

    We need a new, QUICK, starting central defender. We need a keeper that can save shots, I don´t care if he is Zidane with his feet. Also we need a new Lucas Leiva, one that is fast and can win back to ball without receiving a yellow card from pulling the attackers shirt each time because he is too slow.

    For me it´s a big failure to bring Basic here, he does not meet the qualities above and he competes with SMS and not Leiva. We should have gone for Torreira when we had the chance, but instead we are left with Leiva and Akpa-Akpro.

    Lazios defence has been neglected for far too long and we have only been lucky that Ciro is one of the worlds best goal scorers.

    Also, something is extremely wrong with the players mentality. We can basically crush Roma and Inter and only concede one goal, but against Verona and Bologna the opponents suddenly looks like FC Barcelona 2010-2011. To be honest I don´t think we have the players or the quality to play Sarri-ball. We are way too weak in defence when we press high and lose the ball.

    In his previous teams he had excellent defensive players to back the situations up when offense lost the ball. Here he has Patric and Akpa-Akpro who basically is another player on the opponents team.

    A layed back and counterattacked playstyle would fit this team much better, considering the players we have and don´t have. But that won´t happen with Sarri of course, question is how much patience he will be shown. It´s a long term project and it takes years and 2-3 transfer windows to get things in place, but I doubt Lotito understands that, and I dont trust Lotito to give Sarri neither the patience nor the players he needs.

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