Image: Mourinho immortalised in Rome with emperor mural

by | May 26, 2022 20:05

Roma manager Jose Mourinho has been immoratlised in the Eternal City with an emperor mural in Circo Massimo.

The victorious Giallorossi players returned from Tirana on Wednesday to celebrate with supporters long into the night at Circo Massimo.

On Thursday the party continued with an open-top bus parade to allow fans to enjoy the Europa Conference League win.

And earlier in the day, a mural appeared in Circo Massimo of Mourinho dressed as Julius Cesar holding aloft the trophy with a Roma badge as a shield as designed by artist Harry Grab.


  1. InterFan75

    Now win EL and beat Lazio in final. 🙂

  2. ROMAntic

    Don’t be ridiculous, InterFan75, Lazio will already be out in the group stage!

  3. InterFan75

    ROMAntic. 😂 I want all Italian EL final.

  4. ROMAntic

    InterFan75, I am a weird Romanista who always cheers for Lazio in Europe… But for next season, I want them to drop into Conference League & show us how THEY win the “Mickey Mouse” cup.
    Too many people take Conference League for granted.
    And you can still get your wish of a European Italian final granted when Lazio loses there against Fiorentina!😉

  5. Dazziano Colucci

    Well done Roma! All Hail Jose Cesar lol

  6. Feroli

    Mourinho was the last manager to win a European cup with a Serie A team. Just think about that. Inter in 2010 and then now. Things have been that bad. Serie A teams are not as good as they used to be but also because they don’t care – especially in the EL.

  7. JM Supporter

    what’s the point of playing beautiful but not winning? I rather win… no one will remember how you win it but only remember who has won it.

  8. dollarumma

    Next season:

    Serie a = Milan
    Coppa Italia = Napoli
    Champions League = Milan, Inter Round of 16. Juventus Napoli = out in group stage

    Relegation =

    18 – Empoli
    19 – Spezia
    20 – Juventus

  9. geedup

    @Feroli – I agree. Say what you want about Mourinho, but once he knows he’s not winning the league title, he will put everything into winning a cup, especially in Europe, no matter which one. End of the day, in a player / manager / club’s list of honors, there is no record of the number of points in the league.

  10. Dede handoko


    Next season:
    Serie A = Juventus
    Coppa Italia = Juventus
    Champions League = Juventus quarter final
    Milan Inter Napoli out in the group stage and not qualified for EL

    18 Empoli
    19 Spezia
    20 Milan

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