Image: Donnarumma reacts to Milan winning Serie A title

by | May 22, 2022 21:36

Gigio Donnarumma took to his official Instagram account to congratulate Milan on their title win.

The Azzurri star left the Rossoneri at the end of his contract in the summer, joining PSG as a free agent. He is considered a traitor by many Milan fans who saw Mike Maignan move to the Stadio Meazza to replace him.

The Italy international was named best Serie A goalkeeper for 2020-21, and his successor won the same award for the current campaign.

Donnarumma is a Milan fan and a product of the club’s academy and shared an Instagram post of the Rossoneri on his Instagram stories congratulating his former club.

Donnarumma added to the post some hands clapping emoji to pay tribute to the Rossoneri. He has also won his first domestic title this season, becoming Ligue 1 champion with PSG. His contract at the Parc des Princes expires in June 2026.


  1. villarusso

    Boo Hoo.

  2. ilyas

    Shame on him. Motivated by money

  3. Usman Yusuf

    Deep down he regrets leaving, and wishes he was back in Milan

  4. Usman Muhammed

    Thank you

  5. Milan Fan

    Stop making yourself relevant to our moment, you are not welcome to it.

    Then again, we could’ve never won this Scudetto if it was not for your greedy arse, so I guess we should thank you for that. This would’ve been impossible without Magic Mike in goal.

  6. Hey Thats my burger

    I feel sorry for the kid. just a few months ago during an interview he agreed to tattoo the milan logo on his hand when the reporter pressured him. Not a big deal but it seems the kid has no personality and is easily controlled. Riola (RIP) was motivated by money and this idiot probably had no say in the whole situation considering he makes only 500k a year more at psg than he did at milan.

  7. Rosario

    Appreciate players who have given and contributed a lot to Milan. Gigio gave a lot even when we weren’t competitive! So did Kessie in this run in despite lots of abuse! Don’t act like spoilt and ungrateful children.


    He wanted to be seen as a professional and a fan that still support Milan with his heart.
    Too late, your true skin has shown last year boy.

    Thank you Maldini, the true Milanista who represent us and saw your greed and kick you out from Milan to bring Maignan.

  9. Muazzam sani

    You know some loses are gifted now we are happy by your exit if you are in our post we can’t get 26 winning we might have only 22 thanks to magnan who have 17 clan sheet

  10. Ardhi

    That kind of ‘clapping emo’ is usually used when someone is pretending to be happy.

    Anyway, Milan probably wouldn’t win the league without Mike, and it happened just because Gigio left us. So, I would like to thank him for stepping out of San Siro for Mike.

    Thank you, gigio. You won’t be missed.

  11. Nicholas

    Donnarumma went for money and made a decision he’ll live to regret.

  12. Arir

    We did not Appreciate Gigo congratulatory message he never belief in Our ability to win the Title, we can never missed you, Thanks to the Heroes Mike and the others.

  13. Rickey

    Well said milan fans we don’t want his congratulations we made it without you we now have the best goalkeeper in italy

  14. Peter La Motta

    Funny how it took for Donnarumma and Calhanoglu to leave for Milan to become champions. Would not trade Mike for any other goalkeeper

  15. Peter La Motta

    Funny how it took for Donnarumma and Calhanoglu to leave for Milan to become champions. Would not trade Mike for any other goalkeeper

  16. Gbenga AJOSE

    Go away ! Your congratulations are not appreciated. In another note, thanks for leaving because if you were still here we wouldn’t have won this squdeto.

  17. EzrGy

    Thank you Gigio. Life takes unpredictable turns. It’s unbelievable that we had to win this trophy without you, or Hakan. It’s ok to feel the pressure of choice and the call of destiny. It’s another thing to enjoy the feeling of belonging, to feel part of the journey, the experience of joy and ultimate satisfaction your former teammates are enjoying presently. It’s a pity you can only enjoy it as an outsider! Just ask Fransck.

    See you around, kid

    Forza ACM!!

  18. SQUARE

    Never thanks this boy for leaving, but rather thanks Maldini for kicking him out!

  19. Ahmadu isyaka

    Thank you gigio donamoney

  20. Tony

    Leave Gigi alone. He owes you nothing! If someone called you and offered you a lot more money to do the same work somewhere else then you would take it. So stop having this ‘holier than thou’ attitude!
    Your vile comments towards him disgust me!

  21. A P

    Whether out loud, or just in our minds, there’s only one way to respond to this. Simply say thank you, and move on. He was offered more money, he left, as he was entitled to. Admittedly it wasn’t done in the right way, but that’s life. Move on, appreciate his replacement and show a bit of dignity. And do the same for Kessie. Mind you, the post-move comments from Hakan and going to Inter, he possibly deserves a bit of criticism!

  22. Miron Gorjian

    Donnaruma ruined himself because he knew psg had Navas and threat he wouldn’t play or start as much as he did on Milan.
    Right now Maignian is better then Gig because his first season he won best goalie in Italy.

  23. Friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man

    Halaand will suffer same story, like all of Raiola people! Look at pogba, Zlatan, Dlight ect none of them won CL…but lots of money!

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