Josip Ilicic is reportedly out due to mental health concerns, an issue he last seriously suffered from back in 2020.

The 33-year-old Slovenian forward seriously suffered from some sort of depression back in the summer of 2020, leaving the team until the autumn. He has never spoken openly about the issue, but it’s clear that it’s taken a toll on the player.

As reported by Corriere di Bergamo, this issue is why Ilicic was absent from the match against Inter last week, with the problem not being COVID related. It is currently unclear when he will return to action.

Atalanta have no intention of terminating his contract, which expires in June 2023, but a transfer is possible, provided acceptable offers arrive. Last summer, Milan were interested in the player, but only with a free transfer, which was turned down by la Dea. Now everything is uncertain again.

The 33-year-old Ilicic has scored four goals and provided five assists in 23 appearances across all competitions this season.

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  1. Depression and anxiety do not care about age, profession, or gender. It’s time we talk more openly about it. Josip Ilicic, regardless of the teams we support, we’re all with you.

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