Il Corriere dello Sport protests as Messi, not Jorginho, will win the Ballon d’Or

by | Oct 19, 2021 16:16

Il Corriere dello Sport believes Paris Saint-Germain star Lionel Messi will win the Ballon d’Or because of his name. ‘He has won less than Jorginho, but on November 29 he will triumph’.

In today’s edition of Il Corriere dello Sport, the newspaper focuses on the Ballon d’Or and the probability that former Barcelona talisman Messi will win it once again.

The newspaper believes the Argentine will win because he is Lionel Messi and not because he was the best player.

The 34-year-old was a protagonist when Argentina went all the way in the Copa America 2021 and is, of course, one of the candidates nominated for the Ballon d’Or 2021, a prize he already has won six times.

He was the leading goalscorer in the Copa America with four goals and in La Liga 2020-21 with 30 goals, whilst helping Barcelona win the Copa del Rey in Spain.

Why Jorginho deserves the Ballon d’Or more than Messi

Il Corriere dello Sport believes Messi, who joined Paris Saint-Germain on a free transfer this summer, shouldn’t win the coveted prize, as it should reward the best player of the year also based on the trophies won.

The Italian paper then claims there’s no doubt Jorginho should get the trophy in November, after the Brazilian-born Italy international’s achievements in 2021.

Jorginho didn’t win the English Premier League, but he lifted the European Championship with Italy and was a protagonist as Chelsea picked up the Champions League and the UEFA Super Cup.

But Il Corriere dello Sport predicts Messi will win the prize awarded by France Football at the Theatre du Chatelet in Paris.

And the Roman based outlet believes Jorginho would have needed a noisy move to another club to strengthen his case, perhaps to PSG, ‘perhaps for a monstrous amount’.

They then compare it to Robert Lewandowski’s case in 2020, when he won the Champions League and the German Bundesliga with Bayern Munich, but France Football decided not to award the prize due to coronavirus.



  1. Rosario

    The only way you get common consensus and backing for this award is if you apply metrics. Just like with the european golden shoe. Set quantifiable metrics, and then no one can bit**.

    IF this award is for the best footballer on the planet, then yes, Messi is the undoubted best. But if it is awarded based on trophies won, then no, Messi shouldn’t win it.

  2. ditz alam

    So Emerson Palmieri also deserve top 5 rank?🤣 Jorginho was not the keymost player in UCL win but a decent player. Good Euro but not on Messi level in Copa America. Messi contributes 9 goals/assists out of 12 for Argentina. Just remember that Messi won 27 MOTM awards in 2021 alone. How many JORGINHO has, my dear publisher? MOTM defines best player on the pitch, which Jorginho is not worthy of.

  3. messifan

    messi won’t win

  4. ABraham

    Jorginho was not that instrumental? 2000 passes without an assist, a villain in Italy’s final against England missing a decisive penalty, thanks to Donnaruma, Italy would have lost. Never won motm award in any of the competions. Got substituted in the UEFA nations cup against Spain. He didn’t have match impact as a player but has trophies meanwhile the ballon dor awards individual performances and not just trophies but player’s performances is key compare to trophies. I think the whole issue is taken on a national politics every country wants his player to win the award. France is no exception tipping Benzema to win and the Germans are also fighting for Lewandowski. This is because the Europeans don’t value the Copa America if they do all these arguments will be unnecessary.

  5. Ric

    Messi plays in the 6th best league in Europe…

  6. dangerboy

    What’s their interest in it all?

    Used to be a time when news outlets would just report the news not give opinion.

  7. Juan

    Ballon D´or award is uncertain because some criteria weighs more one year and other criteria weighs more the following, but It´s a combination of the trophies won, the contribution or role played in getting those trophies, the individual performance throughout the year, and finally, of course, the brand, the resonance of the name. Jorginho won’t win because his contribution was good, but he was not the outstanding player for Chelsea or Italy, and also his chances are diminished because he is not a global name. This last factor is unfair, but when you open the votes to journalists in countries with no football tradition and who probably don’t see many games, it’s very difficult to avoid. I would certainly prefer more objective criteria, based on some quantification of the three criteria I mentioned before: Trophies, contribution and individual performance.


    Jorginho is a great player. He rarely plays badly and in my opinion he deserves it. They will give it to the usual player which is a fix and not objective.

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