Icardi cheated on Wanda with one of her friends?

by | Oct 17, 2021 11:46

Wanda Nara has removed every picture with Mauro Icardi on Instagram as the Argentinean striker reportedly cheated on her with her friend Eugenia Suarez.

Icardi and Wanda got married in 2014 after the Argentinean showgirl had broken up with Maxi Lopez, who was a close friend of Icardi.

Now, it seems that Wanda Nara and the 28-year-old forward have also broken up given that Icardi reportedly cheated on her with one of Wanda’s friends, Eugenia ‘China’ Suarez.

Il Corriere della Sera reports Wanda is not anymore following the actress on Instagram and, in addition to that, there are no more pictures of Wanda and Icardi on her account.

Wanda Nara accuses Icardi of cheating on her: end of their story?

Born in Buenos Aires, on March 9, 1992, Eugenia Suarez is an Argentinean actress with Japanese ancestors, that’s why her surname is ‘China’ and her name on Instagram is sangrejaponesa (Japanese blood).

She has three children and, according to Il Corriere della Sera, she is currently working in Madrid.

Neither Icardi nor Eugenia Suarez have yet commented on the matter.

It remains to be seen how their split will reflect on Icardi’s professional life as Wanda was also the striker’s agent.


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  1. A davied

    Who cares? This is a football site

  2. rosario

    @A Davied.

    Standards have dropped badly. Unfortunately this is the second post about this nonsense, but it seems plenty are prepared to comment on it.

  3. Duc

    @A Davied while I agree this is nothing more than tabloid news, you may be surprised. A football director or coach would deeply care and would think twice before considering to buy this guy.

  4. Emeka Charles

    This isn’t gonna help his professional career!

    Clubs and clubs directors are watching!

  5. Burky

    Karma in front of our eyes with a 7 year circle. Like the stories you hear when you grow up.

    More than deserved it Wanda.

    Maurito, the time is thinking.

  6. Burky

    Tiking*, from tik-tok

  7. Adam

    That’s how he rolls isn’t it? Done it to Maxi his friend and now done it to her with a another friend 😂

  8. DARi0

    Serie A got rid of Icardi but this publication still keeps insisting on tabloid news. I am seriously considering quitting Football Italia

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