Ibrahimovic: ‘Inter jeers make me feel alive’

Zlatan Ibrahimovic warns Inter fans their jeers only fire him up even more in the Milan Derby. ‘That is the moment I enjoy the most, the one that makes me feel alive.’

The Swede will have two opportunities to enjoy the Derby della Madonnina atmosphere in 2023, which is when he is expected back on the field after knee surgery in May.

The two city rivals will face off on January 18 for the Italian Supercup, then again on February 5 in Serie A.

“When you step onto the pitch and the opposition fans jeer you, that is the moment I enjoy the most, the one that makes me feel alive,” Ibra told Milan TV.

“Nobody can stop me after that. The more they jeer, the better. I prefer them to jeer me rather than applaud, because throughout my career everything has gone against me, never in favour. So I prefer it like that, to feel fired up.

“If I can win after that, it’s the best sensation there is. This is why playing against Inter is a great feeling, obviously it means more than the other fixtures, but you mustn’t lose focus or concentration. That can happen if you lack experience.

“There are also some players who feel it too much and lose control.”

There have been some memorable clashes for Ibrahimovic in the Milan Derby, most notably his head-to-head with Inter striker Romelu Lukaku, which was turned into a mural outside San Siro.

It was then defaced in protest after Lukaku moved to Chelsea, but he has returned to San Siro on loan this season.

Milan beat Inter 3-2 in Serie A on September 3, but both Ibrahimovic and Lukaku were out injured, so unable to renew their confrontation.

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