Ibra ‘welcomes’ Giroud at Milan and gives Donnarumma advice

by | Jun 4, 2021 09:23

Zlatan Ibrahimovic suggests Gigio Donnarumma should have stayed at Milan and claims the Rossoneri need someone like Olivier Giroud.

“I suffered because of the injuries, but I’ve spent 18 amazing months. Milan are back in the Champions League, and the fans deserved that. I wanted to win the Scudetto, we were up there, but we’ve improved a lot,” the Swede told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I got angry every day this season. It’s not a negative thing for me. It’s a way to make people understand how much you care about what you are doing.

“I have more responsibility, I feel like a leader, the relationship with the club is clear, the players must work every day to take Milan back to where we belong.”

Is he planning to become Stefano Pioli’s assistant?

“I already am,” Ibra said with a smile on his face.

“I’ve been doing it for a year and a half, now let’s try to make something different.”

He missed the last games of the season because of an injury and will skip Euro 2020 too, what’s more disappointing?

“I am more disappointed for Milan because I missed three games and I wanted to help more. I normally play 50 games a year, maybe I should be more realistic, don’t demand so much from my body, but I can’t do it,” the 39-year-old said.

“Then I am disappointed by the Euros as well, but I can’t play a competition if I am not 100 per cent fit. I prefer to stay on the sidelines and support Sweden.”

The Swede risked being banned by FIFA and UEFA as his joint-stock company owned 10% of a betting agency which he had to sell.

“Things are getting solved, I did nothing against the system, I tried to changed things as soon as I returned to Europe,” he said.

What’s his thought on the Super League?

“I am not much informed about it, but I can imagine why those clubs did that. They suffer economically, and they tried to get back on track. Strangely, it was a matter between the fans and the clubs in England, and nobody asked anything about the footballers’ opinion who are those who do the show. It’s us who should say if we play too much or not.”

Are players earning too much?
“What does it mean to earn too much? It depends on how much you need that player. The market determines the value. It’s like in the stock market.”

Talking about money, what does he make of Donnarumma leaving the club?

“I am sorry for Gigio, I’m asking you: ‘How much is he worth?’ He came through the academy of Milan, he could be the team’s goalkeeper for the next 20 years, maybe not 20, because he is not Ibra…

“However, he is the best in the world. He could have become Mr Milan, like Maldini, but it takes two to tango. I would tell him to stay at Milan until the end.”

Olivier Giroud could soon join Ibra at the San Siro.

“Giroud has the experience, and we don’t have many players who have won trophies. He’s welcome if he also arrives because everyone is helpful in this group. Everyone wants to learn.

The Swede commented on José Mourinho’s appointment as Roma coach and Max Allegri’s return to Juventus.

“It’s a nice challenge for Mourinho, he joins a club that is not among the favourites, but he’s used to it. It’s a nice signing for Serie A. Whatever he says has an impact worldwide.

“I am happy for Allegri, he was my coach at the beginning of his career, then he became a winner. It would have been nice for him to try an experience abroad to complete himself, but not everybody is like Zlatan, who takes his luggage and goes into somebody’s else garden. Everyone is different.”

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