‘I don’t understand it’ Bergomi gives his verdict on Donnarumma to PSG

by | Sep 27, 2021 14:29

Inter and Italy legend Beppe Bergomi insists he ‘doesn’t understand’ why Gigio Donnarumma left Milan to join PSG: ‘Milan will win again sooner or later.’

The Italian shot-stopper is reportedly unhappy in Paris, where he has only played two games this season.

Keylor Navas is the regular starter and according to reports in Italy, Juventus would consider signing the Italy international next season.

Italy and Inter legend Beppe Bergomi commented on Donnarumma’s situation, insisting he doesn’t get why the 22-year-old decided to leave Milan.

“I will never understand Donnarumma’s choice to join PSG. Milan will win again sooner or later, it’s just a matter of time,” the former defender told Sky Sport Italia, as quoted by Calciomercato.com.

Tension at PSG: Donnarumma doesn’t start because of Messi?

“He just needed a little patience. I repeat: it is a choice that I will never understand.”

Donnarumma made his senior debut with Milan, aged 16, under Sinisa Mihajlovic.

He played 251 games with the Rossoneri winning one Italian Super Cup in 2016. The product of Milan academy was one of Italy’ heroes during the Euros last summer and was named Player of the Tournament.

His agent Mino Raiola said two weeks ago that Donnarumma will surely become the PSG starting goalkeeper.

Donnarumma’s contract with the Ligue 1 giants runs out in 2026.

Beppe Bergomi


  1. Feroli

    It does seem to be a peculiar choice to go to a club where he was not guaranteed regular playing time. Or perhaps he was? Only those present know for sure what was said. It will be a crime if he is sold to Juventus because Milan could have received a transfer fee for him had he bothered to renew or Juventus (or another Serie a club) could have got him for free.
    The agent will do well out of it no doubt

  2. Villarusso

    This is all about Mino whoring out Gigi for any commission he can get. He would trade Gigi every year if he could. He doesn’t care about the player.

  3. Cypher

    Juve can get him on loan in January & send Szczesny to a Concentration Camp!

  4. Dollarumma

    Can we just stop talking about this already? We’re talking about a goalie on the bench in a farmers league. I’m sure there are better things to discuss.
    The guy made his decision, big man making moves, now he should live with it.

  5. Milan Fan

    I don’t think playing for PSG in the farmer’s league was his motivation. This guy is banking the money he wanted. That was probably his motivation so I doubt he’s unhappy. But if he is, then serves him right.

    As much as I love the Azzuri, I hope he rots on that bench. After all, choices and actions have consequences.

  6. juve+

    @cypher i hope you mean a camp that helps him improve his concentration. Eitherway thats a terrible thing to say and there are better ways to express your frustration with him.

  7. Gio

    Raiola completely screwed him because he puts himself first and above what is best for his players. He did the same with sending Pogba back out to Man Utd from Juve for no comprehensible reason other than to generate an enormous commission for himself.

    On one hand I don’t feel bad for his players, as it’s now been long understood this agent is a complete fraud and takes advantage of them – he doesn’t do anything different for them than any other agent does for their client except negotiate and generate an enormous fee for himself typically at the expense of his player and clubs.

  8. manuel

    @Gio, the only difference is that he is ready to go to any length to get what he and his clients want. He can embarrass himself and cause a scene just to do that. it’s like he tells his clients, i will get you the money you want but you might have to deal with some unpleasant publicity.

  9. DB Milan

    @Villarusso Absolutely he would.

    Well said, Beppe Bergomi, not many understand it.

  10. DB Milan

    @Cypher Woah, easy there boy.

  11. MC MIKER G

    Doesn’t understand it? What’s not to understand? A multi-billion petrochemical-funded club, a greedy, unscrupulous agent and a slightly thick, greedy and disloyal player have combined to produce a really unsatisfactory transfer. It’s pretty common in football these days!

  12. mr bone

    Even if he plays regularly, there is not much to improve. It is a PSG league. They would dominate almost all matches anyway. I agree Raiola has a bad influence on all his players. Yes no doubt, he gets his players to earn more money, but never care about their career development. The thing is in this case, Donna doesn’t get much more money than he was with Milan.

  13. Vittorio

    Mino Raiola is a scum bag. Yes, shrewd agent but lower life form than mud on shoes.

  14. fossadeileoni27

    Donnarumma got what he wanted…a payday…happy for him. Donnarumma is young and probably realizes the grass is not always greener on the other side. I don’t know why everybody bags on Mino. He doesn’t force any player to go anywhere. Ya, he makes a pile of $$$ himself but every player makes his own bed.

    Navas playing over Donnarumma is a travesty though…he has nowhere near the talent of Donna.

  15. Burky

    @Juve+ watch on reddit The greatest story NEVER told.

  16. jULIAN

    Mino is a good agent if you want more money for your career, but the problem is he controls his players. You need to have a strong character if you don’t want Mino to control you. I mean, look at Zlatan and Balo, they can get the money and they can’t be controlled by Mino. And sadly, Donna doesn’t have that strong character like those 2 players.

  17. Sasan

    It’s not about his leave, it’s about the way he left. Milan basically made him. He kept up playing even when he had bad howlers and he always had Milan’s trust. Then he left them for free!! It’s like a spit on the face. As much as I love to watch such a decent keeper in Juve I’m happy he’s at PSG cause you can not put your trust on this type of personality unless you have tons of money like PSG or Man City

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