OWNIC is launching a unique approach to digital collectibles, connecting the online world with real-life sports including football to allow you to scout, trade and game in a new way. 

Using dynamic NFT (dNFT) technology, OWNIC is creating a fully licensed digital platform where you can buy collectible trading cards of athletes, including Serie A footballers. These cards are linked to players’ performances and achievements both on and off the pitch, accruing Prima Power (xP) performance when certain feats and milestones are accomplished and reached. Click here to read more about OWNIC or join the Discord here.

In conjunction with professional football scouting, match analysis and transfer dynamics platform Wyscout, OWNIC’s dynamic digital collectibles can increase in value and reward your eye for talent. You can also use the collectible trading cards to play a series of games created on the platform. 

OWNIC is building a Discord community where you can learn more about what they are doing, speak to others who are taking part and ask all the questions you like about any aspect of the platform.

Sign up to Discord to find out more about OWNIC’s games.

What are the OWNIC games?

OWNIC has created a number of Play-2-Earn games you can compete in when you own digital collectible cards. This includes VirtualScout, where you can put your scouting abilities to the test, and MetaTeam, which allows you to build your very own club from the ground up. 


It’s all about spotting new talents at the right time with VirtualScout, which is an innovative Play-2-Earn game that rewards you for your scouting skills. The players you scout earn xP as their careers progress, making your dNFT stronger. You can then compete in the different championships for prizes. The championship modes are: 

xP League

xP League is a weekly open championship where you compete against other collectors. There are different divisions based on the strength of your best card. You then choose a card to compete with, beating your competitors by generating more xP from the milestones you select. Find out more about xP League at Discord.

xP Stand-Off

xP Stand-Off is a one-on-one game where you need to buy in with $OWNQ tokens and compete with the xP your selected cards gain during a game week. There are 16 collectors in the whole championship, and you progress through the knockout rounds, securing prize money by winning or reaching the semi-finals. Find out more about xP Stand-Off at Discord.


Named after the late football agent, Mino Raiola, DoMino is all about buying and selling cards to maximise profits. This is a season-long game that everyone who sells a card on the OWNIC marketplace qualifies for, with the leaderboard updated daily and trading profits reflected dynamically. Find out more about DoMino at Discord.


It can be argued that the MetaTeam utility is what will take OWNIC’s platform to a whole new level. This is a club building simulator where you’re in control of every aspect of your team, including the stadium. Another Play-2-Earn simulation game where you compete against other clubs, your success is decided by things such as your cards’ xP and your club’s facilities, playing style and winning streaks. Find out more about MetaTeam at Discord.

What can you win with OWNIC?

You can win a range of rewards and experiences via OWNIC games, as well as substantial cash prizes. From OWNIC Cards and xP rewards to prize money, different games also enable you to win things like tickets to games, One Of A Kind cards and even access to players themselves. 

To find out more about the prizes you can win, as well as OWNIC in general and how the it works, head over to the platform that hosts the online community, Discord, now. 

Click here to join the OWNIC Discord.

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