How the relationship between Milan fans and Calhanoglu collapsed

by | Nov 8, 2021 21:06

Milan fans never really loved Hakan Calhanoglu, but the latest developments after the Milan derby have destroyed their relationship permanently.

The Turkey international was booed by his former fans before, during and after Sunday’s derby della Madonnina between Inter and Milan.

It was Calhanoglu’s first game against Milan since his free transfer to Inter over the summer.

The 27-year-old spent four seasons at Milan, scoring 32 goals in 172 games.

Calhanoglu: ‘Milan fans want to take pictures with me, if I score in the derby…’

He joined Inter as a free agent in June, accepting an offer which was only €500,000 higher than the one of the Rossoneri.

A few weeks later, Calhanoglu explained that Stefano Pioli was the only one who really wanted him to stay at Milanello.

Back in September, he said he didn’t have problems with Milan fans who often asked him for autographs and pictures when they met him in the streets of Milan.

When asked whether or not he would celebrate a goal against the Rossoneri, he replied: ‘I’ll do as usual.’

However, his celebration against his former club wasn’t exactly a regular one. Calhanoglu converted a spot-kick and celebrated by putting his hands back to his ears while staring at Milan’s Curva Sud.

Milan ultras unveil banner to hit back at Calhanoglu

Former Roma defender Alessandro Florenzi didn’t take it well and stepped inside the pitch to confront the Inter star but returned on the sidelines before going face to face with him.

Last but not least, he shared the video of the goal on his Instagram account, writing ‘I M Hakan, I M Inter.’

Video: how Florenzi reacted to Calhanoglu’s celebration against Milan

Milan fans didn’t quite enjoy it and unveiled an insulting banner in Milano on Monday afternoon.

Most Rossoneri fans never really loved Calhanoglu during his four-year spell at the club, with the Turkey international often accused of being too inconsistent.

Safe to say, the latest controversies won’t fix the relationship between Calhanoglu and the red and black half of Milan.

The next chapter is scheduled for February 6, when the Nerazzurri take on Milan in the reverse fixture.

Inter v Genoa


  1. House Party

    I M in awe of how stuck up his own Hakan his social media post’s are + he is one of those player’s that’s kinda brilliant one match + then kinda anonymous the next. But I applaud him for stepping up to take that pen. It was a high-pressure kick + he coulda just stood in the background, but to be fair he was brave enough to shoulder the responsibility. His celebration wasn’t needed but it happen’s in football. He might’ve seen the A C Me-fan’s(as he call’s them!) heckling Donna, so decided that if it did also happen to him, that he’d give them a bit back?

  2. AFC

    To be fair, it was “collapsed” since he started asking for a ridiculous sums to renew.
    5M per season for an inconsistent player, he looked for money and got it elsewhere.
    One penalty goal and 100 posts on social media…the Hakan way

  3. Milan Fan

    Personally I could care less about what happened. He made his choices, left for free to a rival, was always going to get booed and he did what he wanted, reacted, and then got his answer.

    But boy is he all kinds of stupid! You live in the city of Milan and it’s safe to say the Inter half of the city doesn’t really love you, then you go out of your way to piss off the other half of the city even more instead of showing respect.

    I mean, I would watch over my shoulder next time I took a walk in the city if I were him. I doubt it will be a pleasant experience for him there anymore. My guess is he will be shipped back to Germany next season or the next at most.


    This is exactly were I’m confused, “Milan fans never really loved Hakan Calhanoglu” so why you boo or even care? Again I disapprove this kind of manners but now I see why he did that. Milan fans never wanted/loved/liked him, but you still boo him and expecting nothing in return? I think he won this little childish DISRESPECTING battle between him and Milan fans!

  5. Milan Fan

    @ I MISS JUVE …

    I don’t know why it would be hard to understand. It has got nothing to do with his popularity. It’s not confusing it’s easy why he got booed. It’s because that’s how football works for fans be it Inter, Milan or a team in Asia. It’s like this: Imagine someone works for your country and gets a decent salary, then he defects to another country which is your enemy. Now you never particularly cared for this guy, but won’t you be still mad with him? I know it’s somewhat a loose example, but the general concept of the idea is the same for Ultras.

    On the other page you said he alone pissed you all off so he won. Did he? Of course he pissed off an entire fan base, that’s the problem. It takes a certain level of disrespect and arrogance to do that.

    I don’t think there’s a single player in history who hasn’t been booed after changing a club for a direct rival, regardless of their status. It’s frowned upon in football, everybody knows that. You do that you will get booed. Hakan was a starter for Milan after all and rejected Milan’s offer for a few more Euros, not that Milan threw him out, and that’s the key here. Same thing will happen if a Celtic player leaves for Rangers, a Galatasaray player for Fenerbahce, Fiorentina for Juventus, United for City, Inter for Milan or vice versa. It’s nothing new, so I fail to see how it’s confusing for you.

    There are players who leave Milan every year and some of them never fan favorites, far from it, but they never get booed and are always welcome here. For example Castillejo will leave soon, but he will leave a good memory because he respected the shirt. So contrary to what you believe, it starts with the actions of the player. Now he could’ve earned some respect for himself by refusing to celebrate OR just not taunting his former fan base, but that’s just not who he is.

  6. AC

    Don’t say it collapsed, it never had. bruh.

  7. Chris

    He left Milan for 500,000 euros more and has only performed in 2 games. Inter fans will soon come to greet this inconsistency with hostility.

  8. Michael

    Well said @Milan Fan. It’s normal that switching to your club’s rival will get you booed, hardly surprising even if I think it’s safe to say the majority of Milan fans are happy he’s gone. Then if he didn’t celebrate, as players usually do when they score against the team they used to play for, it probably would have patched things up a bit with the fans, but he did what he did.

    At the end of the day it’s just a bit of banter, I don’t think anyone cares THAT much about him, it’s just a bit of tit for tat I think.

  9. A46

    Can someone remind me who is this player that the media are taking about him!!!!

    What did he win, his accomplishments or anything that would make this Turkish inconsistent player worthy of this much noise from the media!!!!

  10. Kam

    It’s not hard when this guy plays 1 good match out of 10 then thinks he deserves 6M. He doesn’t do anything but sulk.

    I’ve already read some Inter fan’s want him gone because they see what we see already. We had 4 year’s of this slack, prima-donna so I am glad he is gone.

    Milan fan’s boo him because he is lazy and arrogant. I have come across no Milan fan who is sad he left.

  11. Whatever

    The thing about him is that he tries to stay in the spotlight this way, because he’s nowhere near stardom. In fact, he’s so inconsistent, that he performs innone game and underperforms in 10. He wanted to show everyone, that Milan made a mistake, but the reality is that he never deserved what he was asking for in the first place. Celebrating was what he had in his mind. I really can’t remember a more annoying person in the football world in the recent times, but then again, he’s too small to even be annoyed at.

  12. DB Milan

    @A46 That’s a fair point. A penalty against his old club and some social media posts, thats it really. He’ll never be a replacement for Eriksen or as good as Brahim Diaz. The commentators on Sunday went on about his speciality being set pieces. I didn’t see that at Milan and I don’t see it at Inter.

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