OWNIC is creating a unique experience based on the idea of sports trading cards, and focusing on Serie A during the launch phase of the platform. 

Using dynamic NFT (dNFT) technology to tie collectible digital cards with real-life events, OWNIC’s fully licensed platform allows you to scout, buy and trade sports cards. You can find out more here. Football is the primary focus, and Serie A is forming the bedrock of the platform’s drive thanks to the likes of Leonardo Bonucci. 

When you own OWNIC’s digital collectibles, you can participate in the games and utilities the platform offers. This allows you to put your scouting skills to the test, build your very own club and track your players’ careers as they progress. You can also get fully involved in OWNIC’s Discord community, where you can find out more about how the platform and the collectibles works. Not sure what Discord is? Read the explainer here.

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What are dNFTs?

Different from the regular NFTs you’ve probably heard of, dNFTs are dynamic in their nature. This is where OWNIC’s clever link between real-life events and the digital world comes in, as how athletes perform determines how their cards perform. Get more information on OWNIC’s dNFTs here.

In OWNIC’s case, this means your digital collectibles increase in value as footballers complete certain milestones both on and off the pitch. Cards accrue Prima Power (xP) that can only ever go up and not down, increasing the strength and value of the dNFT. 

You can either buy and sell OWNIC dNFTs like any other NFT, or you can hold on to them to use them in the games and utilities. You can find out more about the games here, or join the Discord community where you can ask any questions you have about the community. 

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OWNIC dNFTs and Serie A

All of OWNIC’s dNFTs are officially licensed, meaning they need to sign up players and clubs in order to produce trading cards bearing their name and image. The marquee name so far is Italy and Juventus captain, Leonardo Bonucci. The pre-sale for this card is available on OWNIC Marketplace for the drop on August 16. You can find out more details for this and get whitelisted at Discord

As well as Bonucci, the likes of Manuel Lazzari, Simone Bastoni, Pietro Ceccaroni and Simone Verdi have all signed up to OWNIC. The platform has also been endorsed by renowned Italian football journalists Fabrizio Romano and Gianluca Di Marzio, demonstrating the hype that’s been drummed up for OWNIC in Serie A. 

Head to Discord for more details on the first dNFT drops, including the Bonucci pre-sale.

What does the future hold?

OWNIC is planning to announce more Serie A signings in the near future, while also planning drops for other sports including mixed martial arts. There are also a couple of major football clubs in the pipeline, with which OWNIC is looking to announce partnerships in the coming weeks. 

Signing up entire clubs will instantly mean dozens of new cards become available for the games and utilities. Those cards will stay active if the player moves to another club not signed to OWNIC yet, demonstrating the pull of the scouting element to the platform. To find out more about how you can put your scouting skills to the test, while also hearing about the latest players to sign up to OWNIC, the Discord community is the place to be. 

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