One Napoli supporter has given an extraordinary account of how he wound up celebrating inside the changing room with Luciano Spalletti and his players after the 1-1 draw with Udinese, which secured the Serie A title on Thursday evening. 

Salvatore Balzano, a Partenopei fan, told Radio Marte how he managed to somehow evade security to sneak through the tunnel and gain behind-the-scenes access to the Napoli players as they celebrated winning the club’s first Scudetto in over 30 years. 

As per his version of events, Balzano ended up on the pitch with thousands of other supporters after the final whistle and managed to bypass the security cordon near the tunnel by pretending to be on the phone and “acting naturally.”

From there, he was able to access the players’ dressing room, where he briefly found himself celebrating with the Napoli squad, before Amir Rrahmani noticed he was there and reportedly asked: “And who the f*** are you?”

Balzano left shortly afterwards, although apparently not without attempting to stop by the Udinese dressing room for pictures on his way out.

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