Milan have three defeats in three Champions League games, but can still hope to qualify for the Round of 16. Here’s how.

Stefano Pioli’s side suffered a 1-0 loss against Porto last night and are the only team with zero points in Group B.

Their hopes to go beyond the group stage are still alive, although the mission is almost impossible.

The Serie A giants host Porto on November 3 before travelling to Madrid on November 24.

The last group stage game is scheduled for December 12 against Liverpool at San Siro.

They must win the next two games against Porto and Atletico Madrid, hoping Liverpool beat both the Portuguese and the Spanish side before the last meeting of the group stage.

At that point, a draw would be enough to go through if Atletico Madrid and Porto draw, while if one of the two sides prevail, it would be down to goal difference.

This is easier said than done. Milan have lost all their three games so far and only two teams in history, Atalanta and Newcastle, have managed to beyond the group stage after three defeats in the first three games.

La Dea made it to the Round of 16 in 2019-20 with seven points, while Newcastle qualified for the second group stage in 2002-03.


14 thought on “How Milan can qualify for the Champions League Round of 16”
  1. There is no point in trying to qualify now. It is better in the long run to finish last in the UCL group and focus only on the Scudetto. Use the last 3 UCL games as a chance to try new tactics and give players like Gabbia , Deplanches and Maldini experience at the top level of football.

    Milan are not built to compete in UCL now…they lack the quality in depth for that competition…they can win Serie A if they focus on it alone.
    They have not won a trophy for 11 years…focus on the trophies we can win…Serie A and Coppa Italia

  2. The next 2 are must-wins. With 6 points, they’ll be hoping AM and Porto still only have 4 or 5. Then Milan have the Liverpool reserves in the final game. So it’s unlikely, but still possible given how average the other 2 are. This is no vintage AM team.

  3. Win our next 3 games and hope Liverpool don’t lose either of their next two.
    It’s not as impossible as it seems. Especially because I’m hoping Liverpool rest players on the last day. I think we were incredibly unlucky to not get all 3 points against Atletico. Pure robbery and with 10 men for 60 mins. Against Liverpool, a loss was fair but a decent showing for our first game back away against the best team in Europe. Last night was by our far our worst performance, but another awful call on their goal. These atrocious decisions also happen in the league. Against Atalanta, two bad decisions. A non-existent penalty and a foul on our player before they scored. Against Verona, Kalinic fouls Romagnoli and is awarded a penalty. With so many players missing’s hard to stomach.

  4. Well said @Tony. Like the positive thoughts and heavy dose of reality and robbery.

    We can’t give up, we went toe to toe with the 2 best in the group. With Brahim & Theo back anything is possible. Have to keep fighting until the end. Even if just playing for pride.

  5. Agree with Micah97, best to concentrate on the league and not even Europa league. Best to keep this team together without distractions from Europe. Next year the team will be much better and can compete well.

  6. Yes we can still qualify! Let’s take it 1 game at a time ..Porto at home next with players back should be 3 points… then athletico away tough tough game but with probably a full strength team and our incredible away record recently against top teams who knows! We are capable… then last game against a liverpool team who by then will be resting again maybe 3 points.. basically its definitely not over yet!! A wise man once said to me ..its not how you start it’s how you finish!!

  7. I remain positive because Pioli has given this squad an identity. One that I think is perfect for Europe too. The board have identified a need for energetic, fast players who are great one on one. Our main strength is the tempo we play at. Leao seems to be finally joining the group of young players we can truly rely on. It looks more and more likely now that he will develop into a world class player, with the potential to be an elite player even. Fingers crossed our lack of an alternative to Diaz, won’t hurt us this season. That needs to be sorted for next year, along with a number 9 that this team deserves. I love Zlatan, but he’s injured more often than not. Belotti on a free doesn’t seem popular with other fans, but I’m convinced he’d gel with into the squad.

    The last two performances are reason to be concerned though. The worst in a long time. Heads up and take it to Bologna from the first whistle.

  8. All Milan loses so far are conditioned, On par with Liverpool at Anfield, not many team can win with 10 men for over an hour against Athletico, and Liverpool without Salah, Mane, Firmino and Di Virk will find it difficult against Porto too. Milan with a full squad will not loose to Athletico or Porto. Take it or leave, we just have to be happy for what we have now, we are angry because we lost unjustly , whereas couple of season ago we will be hoping to avoid a disgrace.

  9. We should try as long as there is a chance to qualify for the next round, and there is still a good chance if we win the next match, but if in any point our best chance becomes EL qualification, we better crash out of Europe completely by finishing fourth and focus on the league.

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