How Kostic to Juventus almost collapsed yesterday

Filip Kostic

Filip Kostic is on the verge of completing a move to Juventus but a deal with Eintracht Frankfurt was reportedly close to collapsing yesterday.

The Bianconeri are desperate to add the 29-year-old Serbian winger to their squad this month, believing him to be the perfect addition to inject a little more creativity and bite to their attack. Talks between the two clubs have been slow but things are finally close to being completed now.

As reported by La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Kostic deal almost collapsed yesterday after Eintracht Frankfurt asked Juventus to pay €2m more on the fixed part of their agreement. The Turin side and Kostic’s entourage worked hard to patch up the distance and an agreement was eventually reached.

The exact figures of the deal are still unclear but it’s understood to be in the region of €17-18m, which also includes various add-ons.

The Serbian winger is expected to arrive in Turin today to undergo a round of medicals before putting pen to paper on a three-year deal worth around €3m net per season.

10 Comments on “How Kostic to Juventus almost collapsed yesterday”

  1. Susy, still bitter about juve. The only one who is desperate is u, still salty about juve. Did a juve player broke ur heart?

  2. Samy
    Susy is a die hard milan fan and she can’t be unbiased even if her life deponds on it. How she is a journalist is amazing and funny

  3. This is an Apollo Heyes article, calma. Even journalists are human sometimes and have their favourite clubs; I know many who do well to keep it as objective as possible – given the truth is rarely even fully known by ànybody, let alone journalists. But yeah, we can have a laugh!

  4. This is hilarious! Juve fans complain about a journalist is salty because she copy paste some news from other source. And the funniest part is that NONE of them even realized that this article is NOT from the journalist they complain!

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