How Juventus could line up with Pogba, Di Maria and Perisic

by | May 18, 2022 11:23

Juventus are in advanced talks with Angel Di Maria, Paul Pogba and Ivan Perisic. Here’s how the Bianconeri could line up in 2022-23 if they complete all the three deals.

Pogba, Di Maria and Perisic are available as free agents as their contracts expire in June. Football Italia reported yesterday that the Old Lady is close to reaching an agreement with Di Maria, having offered the Argentina international a one-year deal worth €7m per season plus add-ons. The deal comes with an option to extend the player’s stay at the club for one more season.

Di Maria closes in on Juventus move: the details of the deal

Ivan Perisic is also in talks with the Bianconeri and according to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Inter are resigned to seeing the Croat leave the club. Juventus have reportedly offered Perisic a €6m-a-year contract.

The Bianconeri will see Paulo Dybala leave the club at the end of his contract in June and Federico Bernardeschi could do the same, given that he hasn’t yet reached an agreement to extend his stay at the club.

Alvaro Morata’s loan spell ends in June and Juventus will make an offer to purchase him permanently from Atletico Madrid but are not willing to activate their €35m option to buy. As of today, Dusan Vlahovic, Federico Chiesa and Moise Kean are the only strikers with a secured spot at the Allianz Stadium next season.

The Old Lady is also looking for midfield reinforcement and met Pogba’s representative Rafaela Pimenta on Monday. Despite PSG’s interest, Juventus are confident that the Frenchman will eventually return to Turin, where he would be a regular starter along with Manuel Locatelli and Denis Zakaria. Here’s how Juventus could line up with their new three signings next season, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Juventus (4-3-3): Szczesny; Cuadrado, Bonucci, De Ligt, Alex Sandro; Zakaria, Locatelli, Pogba; Di Maria (Chiesa), Vlahovic, Perisic.




  1. Frankie

    Seriously? You think Sandro will still be there? – The guy’s been cooked for the last two years. Also, if Chiesa is fit, he would start ahead of both Di Maria and Perisic.

  2. Sir max allegri, world champion of bus parking

    Buy more old players, they’ve got to get that average age up

  3. Gamal

    Old pensions club, might as well play walking football


    A.Sandro will definitely not be here next season

  5. Fatecisognare

    I’m all for having experienced players in the squad if they can convey a winning mentality (just look at Zlatan for Milan), but unless they’re mixed in well with younger players, the effect is lost. Might get one good season and then you’re back to having to rebuild again. I hope the Juve management isn’t that short sighted.

  6. Muto

    Juve should be worried about their defenders rather than attackers as 80% of the time Allegri plays a defensive football.

  7. Mikkel

    Agree Frankie.

  8. Brian

    Di Maria and Perisic are the saddest transfer news for a Juve fan. This is what you get when Allegri is in charge

  9. Rob B

    Let’s pray this is all media BS and that senior mgt is really not this dumb even if they have proven otherwise in recent years.

    Pogba is hurt more than Dybala which is one of the supposed reasons for letting him leave. Not to mention getting Pogba will lead to continuing to olay Locatelli in a role for which he is not best suited. €7M, net for DiMaria is a joke at this stage of his career. In comparison, Perisic is the only one of the three that has any real value but only b/c the other two have so little.

    I am a fan of Allegri and believe he needs time and players but not these three.

    @fatecisognare has it right. A mix of experience with youth (preferably Italian players) is essential to the future.

  10. Kai

    I dont actually like either of these transfers but Di Maria and Persic are still better than Berna.. But they won’t be taking Chiesas spot. We should be offloading Arthur/Rabiot and going for SMS instead of Pogba way more consistent and younger. Can’t be rebuilding every 2 years if you keep buying older players.. what is it with this management.

  11. FERBAN

    If this is the best Juve can do they may as well not bother turning up next season.

  12. interista

    Juve is ready to up the age game, huh?

  13. Dennis

    What a joke, once again the Italian clubs trying their hardest to destroy our youth and our future, why sign pogba when juve have Fagioli Miretti and Ranocchia who look very good and are years younger than pogba and Italian, why let dybala leave who is still in his prime to replace him with yet ANOTHER Argentinian, we seem to be a factory for Argentina and I’m not okay with this at all, italy needs to start putting its own first, the Italian mentality is too negative towards its own its a disgrace, when our youth do get a chance on the rare occasion they play very well e.g Scalvini Miretti and Zanoli and I could name more, WAKE UP SERIE A AND ITALY. Vergogna

  14. MilanSunday

    Nice to see bianconeri hasn’t progressed in the way they think transfers since 2014. That begin said, with these three accusitions coming into frution, they’ll fight for the Scudetto next season.

  15. Joe

    Old players do not necessarily mean bad or useless players.
    Are we forgetting that Pirlo, Tevez and Mandzukic were probably three of our best “buys” in recent years.
    What is true though is that the club is not building for the future with older players.

  16. Tom


  17. Basel

    New Anelka , why we can’t go for players like , Salah, Mane , Dembele, Gnabry and Leao
    We have to improve in defence as well with players like Skriniar

  18. Kai

    Chiesa is gonna be second fiddle to Di Maria? Seriously? A fully fit Chiesa will always be a guarantee starter.

  19. dENNIS

    this is the same club that sold spinazzola to keep sandro, allegri just get lost you dinosaur


    All hail PhD Max. The Juve fans better CALMAAAA. Whenever there is a free transfer and over 32 expect the 7/9 CL winners of runners up to swoop in, with huge contracts ready and waiting. Di Maria and Perisic are still good players, but the vision has never been there since Don Beppe left. CL win incoming (1000 years) and the best slow ball is yet to come. Huge contracts for short term gains, but gaining nothing in the long run, hindering youth and people who only want money, not to fight for the cause. Di Maria only wants them as a means of getting to the WC and then going back to Argentina. Perisic is thinking only of the money and his best days are at or were at Inter. Ake, Soule, Miretti, Fagioli and Rovella better escape now. Have no fear PhD will call them up in 15 years time, ready for first team full slow ball action.

  21. Andy

    R u kidding?Loca must be returned, flop of the season.

  22. TFC

    dENNIS — to be fair, Spinazzola was exchanged for Pellegrini, who is six years younger than Spina and looks like he might be our left back for years to come. There are plenty of Juve transfers to criticize, but I’m not sure that one qualifies. In fact, I wish we did a few more deals where we exchanged players in their late 20s for those in their early 20s (of course, finding a way to convince Allegri to then play the youngster is another matter entirely!).

  23. Geo

    Transfer does not make sense at all. Cannot believe this is the same club that sold Baggio in order to give chance to a young del piero, sold ravanelli to give room for a young vieri, sold Deschamps and gave tacvhinardi a chance. I fear this juve will suffer the same fate late 2000 juve. Remember salihamidzic, zebina, sissoko. Team of full rejects. Whoever come out with transfer strategy needs to go Pronto.

  24. Ringo

    Perisic will be short term teacher to Pellegrini, while Di Maria will be an influence for Miretti…Perisic might be handy with the dead ball..they are more likely to join us…but Pogba would try new club, after all PSG would not be less interesting than Juve.

  25. Dybala not Juventus now

    Hi guys am only 29yrs old and supporting juve for 19yrs,
    But this time around I wish juve hell cuz of dybala.
    In current juve squared is I ask to mention best players in every part
    Defense De light
    Midfield Rabiot
    Attack Dusan and dybala.
    But overall best player for me Rabiot this season he contribute alot in dirty work and fast moving

  26. mez

    Yes, lett’s continue buying slower, older, more injury prone players and put them on huge salaries. That is how you build a competitive team!!!

  27. dENNIS

    another serie a team too scared to build for the future, what a joke we are, year after year the same old story, and we have become the main league for producing and playing Argentinians, too many ex italian football stars who are now pundits have more pride over Argentinian footballers in italy rather than our young players, i dont remember italy being argentina… joke of a nation we have become, no pride and no balls, if italian football wanted to be a success again it really could be but until this fear and until the bumlicking stops we will remain a joke

  28. mi


    CHIESA OR DI MARIA I’m still laughing…

    How comedic to even put that.

    CHIESA is soo good he could start for Liverpool, Man City, Real Madrid and you’ve alternated him with Di Maria.

    Guys you really don’t have a clue.

    If he can stay fit he’s a Ballon D’or potential candidate.

    He is also Juve’s best player, over Vlahovic, over De Ligt, Locatelli, any one in that squad is below Chiesa yet you did that.


    Can’t take this seriously after that, shame I had to read through the whole article to notice it. Would have saved my self time.

  29. FORZA Juve

    Chiesa will play, perisic here is place only on the bench

  30. ⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Hey, fino alla fine Forza Juve!!! 💪💪💪

  31. Zoro Caloro

    I’d go 3412

    —————— Cragno——————

  32. Ravanelli

    It’s hard for me to believethat a journalist would put that lineup.

    Unless the purpose was geting people to ‘engage’ with the article.


    Why would Perisic join Juventus LOL?

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