How Juventus could line up with Di Maria

epa09859580 Angel Di María of Argentina warms up before the start of the match between Ecuador and Argentina for the South American qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, 29 March 2022. EPA-EFE/Franklin Jacome / POOL

With Angel Di Maria close to joining Juventus, Max Allegri could have several options to deploy the Argentinean and bolster the Old Lady’s attack. Here’s how the Binconeri could line up with the ex-PSG and Real Madrid star.

La Stampa and La Gazzetta dello Sport report that El Fideo has agreed to complete a free transfer to Turin, with the two parties now negotiating over bonuses and contract length.

Di Maria has been in talks with Juventus for several months, but he is now as close as ever to joining the Bianconeri.

So, how could he be deployed by Max Allegri next season? Di Maria is mainly a right winger, but he could also play on the left or as an attacking midfielder.

Reports Di Maria has said yes to Juventus

There are multiple roles he could cover at the Allianz Stadium next season, depending on the formation used by the Tuscan tactician.

Di Maria could play on the right in a 4-3-3 formation or a 4-4-2 or be deployed as a Trequartista in a 4-3-1-2 system. If Allegri picks a 3-5-2 line-up, the 34-year-old could act as one of the three centre midfielders with attacking duties or as a right or left winger.

Here are Juventus’ potential line-ups with the Argentinean:

Juventus (4-3-3): Szczesny; Cuadrado, Bonucci, De Ligt, Alex Sandro; Zakaria, Locatelli, Pogba; DI MARIA, Vlahovic, Chiesa.

Juventus (4-4-2): Szczesny; Danilo, Bonucci, De Ligt, Alex Sandro; Cuadrado, Locatelli, Pogba; DI MARIA, Vlahovic, Chiesa.

Juventus (4-2-3-1): Szczesny; Cuadrado, Bonucci, De Ligt, Alex Sandro; Locatelli, Pogba; DI MARIA, McKennie, Chiesa; Vlahovic.

Juventus (3-5-2): Szczesny; De Ligt, Bonucci, Gatti, Cuadrado; Locatelli, Pogba; DI MARIA, Alex Sandro, Chiesa; Vlahovic.

10 Comments on “How Juventus could line up with Di Maria”

  1. @Forza Juve – why the f bomb?

    This deal makes sense for both parties, unless you like to think that Juve have PSG/Man City money.

    He needs to give his all for one/two seasons and we need an immediate upgrade in quality… and I’m sure all Juve fans will agree that a 34 year old Di Maria is better than Bernardeschi.

    I don’t understand why we have to be such a negative fan base… we just won 9 scudetti in a row 4 years after having our whole team torn apart by farsopoli and right after 2 depressing 7th place finishes… we can’t win every year and it’s stupid to think that you can win just with young players.

    The only criticism I have of this transfer window so far is Alex Sandro still being a Juve player and no replacement having been signed.

  2. @Forza Juve
    You have no idea who you are talking about
    Have ever watched a game by either Di maria or Pogba this season ?!
    They are actually in their prime
    Go watch Di Maria’s last match for Argentina
    You’re clueless and rude

  3. Di Maria is one of the best players of his age, his pace is really still there. He is rotation player, both he and cuadrado can play whole season but in mix together they can give us good combo for a season or two

  4. @Brian

    Where did he mention Pogba?

    And if you think that waste of space Pogba is in his prime, Juve are in serious trouble lol.

  5. With pogba is everything fine he loves juves and he is juventini, and what about di maria you dont get what exactly I want to say. You here saying how good he is or something like that, understand I totaly dont care how good he is, most important is that he was taking juve offer just like alternative, when not get nothing better, looks like to wear this jersey wasnt his biggest wish, and we know how is playing such players like rabiot ramsey szeczny, we all know how bad is players with such sheet mindset, its very very sad that we got another one such player for who Juve means nothing, just luxury hospital and good holiday place with much money. We never had such phylosophy when choosing players who to wear this jersey, its terrible what is heppening in last years. And taking cr7 wasnt mistake. Just everything else, later….

  6. *Forzajuve* whatever U mentioned is factual truth that’s why I loved Demiral because he love the badge and Play for the team.

  7. With Cuadrado , Chiesa and Di Maria , Juve will demolish all the teams in Europe from side lines.

    Maybe Cuadrado and Di Maria look old on the paper but on the field they are on fire.

  8. @Ali, totally agree with you. Cuadrado and Di Maria (both from South America) together will form a fantastic attacking side from the right.

  9. 4-4-2 looks best with these players, but there are many old players, especially Cuadrado and Di Maria. They play on positions where we don’t have options and position where they have to run much.

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