How Juventus changed Fiorentina stance on Vlahovic

by | Jan 25, 2022 15:36

There are reports that what changed for Dusan Vlahovic was Juventus warning Fiorentina it was either now for €75m including bonuses or take the striker as a free agent in June 2023.

The Viola had been reticent to sell the Serbia international to their arch-rivals in Serie A, especially as more lucrative proposals were coming in from the Premier League with Newcastle United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur interested.

Atletico Madrid had also been linked in Spain, but it has long been suggested that Vlahovic rejected a new contract at Fiorentina because he already agreed personal terms with Juve.

According to Radio Bruno Toscana, the change came last night when Juventus told Fiorentina that they would only take Vlahovic in the current transfer window or wait to take him as a free agent in the summer of 2023.

Faced with losing €70m and spending 18 months with this tension, Fiorentina directors had to buckle and accept the Bianconeri as his next destination.

It’s not dissimilar to the situation that already unfolded with Federico Chiesa in 2020, as he too turned down bigger proposals from Arsenal and Chelsea because he had his heart set on Juventus.

epa09594856 Fiorentina's Dusan Vlahovic celebrates after scoring the 4-2 goal during the Italian Serie A soccer match ACF Fiorentina vs AC Milan at Artemio Franchi Stadium in Florence, Italy, 20 November 2021. EPA-EFE/CLAUDIO GIOVANNINI


  1. Brandon

    I love it.


  2. Cypher

    Players flock to Juve because Juve remain the jewel of Italy unlike Inter that rely on failed EPL players, former Juve stars & staff, referees and death threat ultras to stay afloat.

    Inter is a disgrace.

  3. GIO

    [email protected]

    If he already had agreed personal terms with juve before they had Fiorentinas permission to negotiate with the player, then Juventus broke the rules and should be penalized for it.

    I LOVE IT!

  4. Brandon

    Show me the rules.

    FI, please allow a link this one time only. For me. Thanks.

  5. Chris

    I don’t know if I’m over analysing this but basically Fiorentina have been given 2 clear, distinct choices:

    1. Sell now, profit 60m+, tolerate the ire of the fans
    2. Show a bit of ambition, invest in the squad and build around one of the best players they have had for a long time (with the exception of Chiesa), make the fans happy and take a chance on actually having some long awaited success as a club.

    All the while Commisso is criticising clubs left, right & centre. Sad indictment for Italian football and it reminds me somewhat of the Juve-Higuain-Napoli saga but with added frustration for the neutral and for the Fiorentina fans.


    GIO , cry me a river. Every other team is doing the same but I LOVE IT. And keep scripting more stories in ur head xD

  7. Asian Fans

    Oh Cypher, your name would be so well known if you use capital “B” instead of “p”.. CyBher, like a sci fi hero name.. why didn’t you use it?


    Ha-ha it’s pleasure to see pathetic comments of jealous fans of Juventus‘s rival clubs.

    Nevertheless I anticipate that Vlahovich will be a kind of flop as Piatek or Shick. It is a big mistake to pay 70 millions for him. Congratulations to Comisso for good business!

  9. GIO

    [email protected]

    If you don’t know it’s against the rules to negotiate directly with a player with out his current clubs permission before his current deal has less than 6 months left to run then you have Disqualified yourself from commenting on this stuff because of your level of knowledge is so low.
    Google it and learn something. It can’t be hard to find.

  10. Vieri

    It says a lot that a bunch of failed EPL players are on top of Serie A while the jewel of Italy is languishing at Europa League spot doesn’t it, Cypher? maybe you should check to see if your jewels are real or a bunch of cheap fakes. Honestly it’s quite easy to tell with the likes of Rabiot, Bentancur, Alex Sandro, or Morata. Very fine jewels indeed.

  11. Jorghino

    Vlahovic will flop at Juve

  12. GIO

    [email protected]

    You don’t see the problem with that?
    Every one does it so why shall we have rules?

  13. Stam

    Gio you are unwell. Get help. And juve is bottom 2 most liked clubs by me.

    Good for Serie A, this is a success that you arguing idiots miss

    Young star, not italian one, deciding to stay in the league

    The real competiton is with Europe. Bundesliga has more expensive tv rights for worse product

    Unless of course you want to stay in the swamp and be trolls to each other.

  14. Dazziano Colucci

    I don’t understand why Vlahovic is joining Juve. They struggled to get a 0-0 against a decamated Milan team the other night.

  15. GIO


    I’m not the one arguing that rules should not be followed. That provoking and trolls here. By all means be happy for the signing but to glute that Fiorentina have to see another player go to Juventus are the real trolls and can’t you see that then I think you’re the one that are unwell

  16. svetoslav

    FAKE I HOPE!!!Spending 70 milion on vlahovic now is very silly from juve directors,it efectivly pull juve out of halland race and his clouse is what 80 mil. And halland is way better then vlahovic.Multi 30+ goals a seson,UCl expiriance and they give up on d chance to go for him to get vlohovic whos best season is 20 goal what a bad joke.WHat a small team juve have become overpayin for flops, 70 milion for a bench warmer.Have money to pay vlahovic 7 mil a year net but dont have money Dybala disgrace!!! Nedved out, arrivabene out,cherubini out

  17. GIO

    [email protected]

    Don’t think juve have any chance on håland and they know it that’s why they need to go for vlahovic.

  18. Bunga2

    @svetoslav: Haaland wants 30M/year salary. That’s even higher than CR7’s. I doubt you guys could afford it, even with all your financial strength.

  19. Brandon

    Oh OK, GIO. Google, I see.

    LMAO. You believe everything you read online.

    Go ahead and start the indictment 🤪

  20. Intermn

    @cypher you’re an idiot. Inter has plenty of players flocking to it. It’s hard to lose and Juve fans haven’t been used to it, but you don’t have to be so miserable about it.

  21. FORZA Juve

    Svetoslav dont worry if with Dusan will be something wrong we always will can sell him to england for 200 millions they paying everything what we can ask and make bussines, but I hope this will not need and Vlaho will stay hero with Chiesa for long. Forza Juve!!!

  22. Uncle Z

    Honestly this clown and he knows who is just keeps talking nonsense. This is not about Inter but about a striker who is needed, only when that midfield is completely gutted and rebuilt. Haaland is the past but it demonstrated the ineptitude of the hierarchy. To pay £60m plus for a striker of the same age but no way as deadly is madness. That money should have been used on the midfield first and foremost. We had Ronaldo and yet no midfield end of.

  23. GIO

    [email protected]

    No I don’t believe anything you write. But oddly enough I believe the rules of FIFA and UEFA .
    Where have you been if you don’t know this?
    Spending to much time with your qanon friends?

  24. Brandon

    Start the indictment then👍

  25. Brandon

    You keep writing that, Uncle Z.

    The kid is only 21 Years Old and will be here a while. With Cris it was win-now mode.
    But now we have a bit of luxury of time. Improvements in the middle will come.

    Fagioli and Rovella in primis. Believe me when I write about Fagioli. This kids work rate is next level. Something I’ve seen few others have.

  26. Interello

    Dusan is worth the money, this is a great move by Juventus, many are right about the lack of midfield but Dusan is the kind of player who can make goals out of nothing (unlike other Juve strikers) – plus Juve’s midfield is better than Fiorentina‘s and he thrived there so…

  27. GIO

    [email protected]

    Do you even know how the internet works?
    If you search for something at for an example google you get a serious of results. This different sources are differently reliable.
    This is when you as a thinking human being need to use your critical thinking and see witch source you should trust and witch one you shouldn’t trust.
    Google ain’t reliable or unreliable. It’s the sources you find that is reliable or unreliable.
    For example sources like UEFA and FIFA is reliable.
    A webpage dedicated to brandons thoughts about transfer rules aren’t so much


    So many salty Jube fans on here can’t live with the fact that Inter is Italy’s champ and will be for years to come, while your pathetic club will miss out on 4th spot if the owners don’t cough up more and more money

    Funny, the article doesn’t even mention Inter but they just can’t keep Inter out of their mouths

    Also, the article is trying to spin that Jube took Vlahovic on their term while the fact is they got ripped off for paying ABOVE asking price

    Fiorentina set the price for Vlahovic and got Jube to pay $5 mil more

    Outstanding move, Fio

  29. Brandon


    So, check it out. So about 30 Minutes ago I read on the Inter page how Gosens may sign for Inter. The 2 teams agreed to personal terms and it was to the players satisfaction even though another club (Newcastle) offered more.

    But how can this be? Afterall, you have been going on and on about tampering with a player under contract.

    I mean if Juve and Vlahovic agreed to personal terms in the same manner that Gosens spoke to 2 other clubs, then that’s standard practice, no?

    Could it be that Fiorentina and Atalanta (the 2 selling clubs) gave permission?

    Need time to think about this? Maybe a Google search can help you out.

  30. dzurjakcsopi

    whatever substance you are using is damaged your brain beyond repair. i would still advise to stop using it right now.

  31. Edgar

    This but may convince De Ligt to stay and Pogba to Pogback.

  32. purple_iain

    Douchebag Vlahović

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