How Juventus can afford Liverpool star Salah

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Juventus are one of the many top clubs keen to snap up Mohamed Salah should he be transfer listed this summer, and they can certainly afford him.

The Bianconeri are looking to significantly strengthen their attack in the summer after a disappointing season under Massimiliano Allegri. Despite the €80m statement signing of Dusan Vlahovic, it’s clear that that Juventus are still a step behind the current top dogs in Italy, Milan and Inter.

One forward who could be available this summer is Salah; the 29-year-old Egyptian forward’s contract expires with Liverpool in 2023 and it’s still unclear whether or not he’ll renew his deal. Should he fail to, it’s likely he’ll be transferred listed so the Reds can still cash in on a sale.

Juventus can afford Salah for a few reasons, with the main one being the Growth Decree. A tax law introduced by the Italian government in 2019, it allows Juventus to save 50% of the salary due to new fiscal rules.

The other reason is that Juventus’ wage bill is significantly lighter following the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo last year, and it’ll only get lighter once Paulo Dybala leaves. That factor, combined with the Growth Decree, makes a deal achievable, should Salah be interested in the move.

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  1. No doubt that they could afford it but the better question is can he afford to ruin his career with PhD Max, Graveyard of Empires.

  2. “HOW JUVENTUS CAN AFFORD LIVERPOOL STAR SALAH” – They cant, he want 400k a week, the only way they can pull this off is if he accepts reduced wages on paper and then Rubentus parent company pays the difference into an offshore account, like they do with Vlahovic. Arsenal offer Vlahovic 10m a season and he rejects it for 7m at rube, yeah right.

  3. Juven didn’t sign him when he played for Fiorentina or Roma, which is a big mistake. He played well, especially against Juven.
    400k is his demanding and 350k would be the deal.
    Liverpool will extend his contract. No club dare to give up best player in the history when he is still in top form.
    BTW, inter’s Chinese owner is de facto bankrupt in China and u can verify this with any Chinese.

  4. At 29 he is at the peak of his powers but I highly doubt that he will join us and I will not lose sleep over this either way. We need to bring down the age of the squad and even if we do not win next year, we need to build for the future thinking 2, 3, 4 and 5 years ahead. Liverpool took a few years to get off the ground with Klopp. Mane, Firmino and Salah were not household names and look at what happens with time, patience and a bit of loyalty. We need to get hungry players with the right attitude first and foremost who will respect our shirt and have the grinta. My only issue is Klopp seems to be a man that has the skills both on and off the field to get the best out of his players. Sadly I do not think Allegri has the same mojo but lets see if the management gets him the players needed.

  5. @lord slow ball got a point mate, I would run a mile at the prospect of Allegri.

    Mo is the main man at Liverpool and they have everything in place to challenge on all fronts. If he is looking for a new challenge only Real Madrid or maybe rebuilding Barca would be a step up at least in prestige.

    @The 1MIKEJ I would choose Juve over Arsenal all day long despite the money. Maybe he is regretting it now as he is shackled from start to finish. Perhaps if he was more patient a bigger PL club could have persuaded him. After all he has everything to thrive in England with their physical approach.

  6. should Salah be interested in the move.

    That is it really.

    Why would he leave one of the best teams in the world to join the 4th best in Italy, a team that gets destroyed at home by Villarreal?

  7. should Salah be interested in the move.

    That is it really.

    Why would he leave one of the best teams in the world to join the 4th best in Italy, a team that gets destroyed at home by Villarreal?

    You are having a laugh.

  8. there is no player in this world sane enough will accept to make a move to juventus and play under Allegry unless if its the end of his career.

  9. All these whining Roma, shinta and Milan Fans. Salty that a Player like salah would never join ur irrelevant loser Clubs? Joke of Fans hahaha

  10. All these whining Roma, shinta and bbiblian Fans who are so salty that salah would never join their irrelevant Club. Funny 😀

  11. Salah already played for Roma, Samy you genius lol. And chances of him joining juve are as big as juve ‘s chances of winning CL. 0.

  12. Exclusive quote from Mo Salah: “it has always been my dream to join a club that hasn’t won anything in Europe in 26 years. I can’t wait to play with my idols Di Sciglio and Rabiot as we aim to finish 4th again next season”

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