How Cristiano Ronaldo sale affected Juventus finances

Juventus have gained €52.332m from this transfer window, including money saved on wages as well as fees, despite the Cristiano Ronaldo sale to Manchester United at a loss of €14m.

The transfer deadline has now passed in Italy, so no more players will be coming into Turin until January.

Calcio e Finanza calculated that between wages and transfer fees, the Bianconeri make a total benefit of €52.332m compared to last summer.

However, if the wages are not taken into consideration, the improvement is just €24.5m.

A large chunk of that is because Ronaldo’s sale to Manchester United for €15m plus up to €8m in bonuses generates a net loss on his original €117m transfer fee from Real Madrid in 2018.

The Bianconeri had been hoping for at least €29m to avoid making a loss on his fee, but are down just under €14m.

Nonetheless, the club does save €57.350m gross in wages for the remaining year of his contract.

Juve sold Cristian Romero to Atalanta, with the previously-agreed €16m option, resulting in a loss of €1.264m.

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  1. When you factor Ramsey, Costa, Rabiot, Bernarderschi, Higuain, Matuidi, Ronaldo, De Sciglio and others. The management have been an unmitigated disaster on the transfer market. The millions wasted on unsellable players is embarrassing, the club have been run terribly for the last few years.

  2. Everything went down since Beppe Marotta left – and he was asked to go in part because of his opposition to Ronaldo joining.

  3. JUVE used to be king of free transfers BUT everything has bern bad since the decision to sign Ronaldo (which in it self was a mistake). Until the summer of 2018 JIVE was a well oiled machine…

  4. JuveFella

    not since ronaldo but but from 2016/17 season onwards…. cr7 transfer was the pinnacle of stupidity…

  5. I said it at the time and sadly have been proven correct…. Juventus should never have signed ronaldo. We should have went for Haaland who would have cost half the amount and would have fit into the team better.

    Ronaldo was the player Juventus needed when the midfield was Vidal , pirlo, pogba and marchisio. Haaland is the player we needed now.

    Pleased Mckennie stayed. For me he was the best of a bad bunch in midfield last season.

  6. Peter you ar very not clever person, no one knew what is haaland in 2018, and ronaldo we bought to win champions league who we are missing so much, ronaldo was real brave hero taking this challange to help such unlucky team like our Juve, messi is scared of everything he never would be so brave, thanks for ronaldo, now we will be proud for that in our poor not rich team shirt was wearing best player of all time, and that is fantastic. Only blame you can give for goverment why they took ramsey and rabiot to play alongside best player of all time, and let douglas costa go out…

  7. Maybe I don’t know How about Haaland can successfully.
    But I know CR7 must have problem in juventus, Before CR7 Go to juventus

  8. Ronaldo has proved to juventus, that if we had the right players to compliment his type of play, we would have won the champions league. If you look at everything he has done for juventus since he came, then that should tell you why he is worth that type of money. Why is he the person we blame, when there are 11 other players who never help the team, but now ronlado is gone, so juventus supporters look for someone to blame. Think people think.

  9. I read a comment saying Juve used to be king of Free transfers and everything changed since Ronaldo joined but which of the free transfers have been a good signing ? They all have been total disaster, The team built around Ronaldo was average, None of Juve players would have been a starter in the Madrid team Ronaldo played for

  10. Hi, im from Azerbaijan, i read all comments here and show respect all of them. It is so easy to hit out at CR7 after he left the squad, who has been a world class number one footballer throughout the history. As a Juve fan, i almost watched all games of Juve, and those who say the problem is CR, i totally disagree with this point of view. There is still a huge problem related to the type of attack, they just try to keep the ball and thats all. There is no a consistent tactic in Juve, which can be applied all time. The midfield players couldnt provide Ronaldo with ball.. however how many goals Ronaldo scored? Numbers say everything.. so we should criticize the authority for not finding correct play maker footballerd.. good luck

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