How can Juventus afford Vlahovic for €75m from Fiorentina?

by | Jan 25, 2022 16:57

Dusan Vlahovic could be a Juventus player within 48 hours, according to reports, but how can they afford the €75m fee for the Fiorentina striker?

Multiple sources all state a deal has been done for €67m plus various bonuses taking the total to €75m, the same asking price that was presented to Arsenal, Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur and Atletico Madrid.

According to Sky Sport Italia, Vlahovic’s entourage are already in Turin and are set to have the crunch meeting tomorrow morning, although some details are already being worked out tonight.

A basic deal for a contract to June 2026 worth €7m per season net is in place.

Considering Juve’s financial issues, how can they afford to pay €75m for a striker in the January transfer window?

La Gazzetta dello Sport calculates that between salary and transfer fee, Vlahovic will cost €125m.

It’s remarkable considering Juventus ran at a deficit of €210m in the 2020-21 season, compared to €90m in 2019-20.

Sky: Juventus and Fiorentina reach agreement over Vlahovic transfer

This report outlines the various finances and concludes that Juve consider this a necessary investment to avoid a far bigger loss, which would be failing to qualify for the Champions League.

That place in the tournament and reaching the Round of 16 is worth €80m per season and cannot be missed out on.

It could also be a similar deal to the one Juve struck with Fiorentina for Federico Chiesa and Sassuolo for Manuel Locatelli, spreading the cost out over multiple instalments and years.

The recent Capital increase of circa €400m will help repay early loans to banks and should provide eventually around €80-85m for transfer spending.

However, they will have to cut corners elsewhere, offering reduced salaries to various players who are currently negotiating new contracts.

This raises further questions around Paulo Dybala and the confirmation from the player himself that talks for his new deal were postponed until February.

It now becomes clear Juve wanted to see if the Vlahovic swoop came off and how many of their unwanted players they were able to get rid of before deciding how much Dybala could reasonably earn.

It’s not entirely out of the question to suggest scrapping Dybala’s €10m per season planned salary would be a sacrifice to pay for 22-year-old Vlahovic.


  1. Zambrotta

    It’s either crowdfunding or they’re selling Ramsey to Newcastle for 50 mil

  2. Stam

    Dybala gone would be a good deal. Had a laugh at him last game, only a bit better than Messias.

    Let Newcastle pay him 20m per season.

  3. Martin

    It smells, but Juve have always been smelling. Dirty club.

  4. Milan Fan

    Now Milan or Inter only need to sign Bremer … if you know what I mean lol

    Great signing for Juve. At least he remains in Serie A and he might be the difference between EL and CL for Juve. I feel for Fiorentina fans though, this same thing is happening too much to them. Commisso hasn’t changed much it seems.

  5. Viktor

    It’s completely beyond me – and no bitterness behind it. Good for them but surprising. Might as well get haaland

  6. GIO

    [email protected]

    How could juve get hååland?
    Like Fiorentina ain’t at the level of Juventus.
    Juventus ain’t at the level of the clubs hååland considers for His next destination.

  7. pauly

    They already had Ronaldo’s salary figured into this seasons financials, that freed up a lot of €€€

  8. ViktOr


    No Fiorentina is pretty far from Juve’s level and I despiece Juve.

    If Juve can splash 75 euro for Vlahovic (with salary etc) ending up way over 100… yeah they could give a go at Haaland. I understand your anger for losing him to Juve but be realistic

  9. Rian

    Viktor, Haaland will cost way more than his 75M release clause. I bet the signing on bonus and Raiola’s fee will be more than what dortmund will get. Haaland’s salary will also be close to what messi or CR7 get in their prime. It’s just not feasible.

    Good for Juve in getting Vlahovic. Hopefully this means Inter can get Scamacca without the risk of auction bid in the summer. Let see who will be the better striker in next 2-3 years.

  10. GIO

    [email protected]

    Like I said Juventus ain’t at the level of the clubs going after hååland.
    Even if they can afford him and get more for their money hååland wouldn’t consider Juventus at this stage of his career.

  11. someone

    lol Haaland salary demand will be probably rather in the double or even tripple fold of zlahovic,completely aside his transfercost wich would als be much much higher then 75m.whoever gets haaland its going to cost them deeply in their pockets

  12. FORZA Juve

    Juve is in same level like barsa real bayern and united… Just give them 100 billions and all best players will want to play there. But this Vlahovic transfer is very valuable for me, mostly because player joining not money team, but team which he loves and for which he want to fight every game… And here plays his friend Chiesa! We will have much fun here in future, forza juve!!!!

  13. Poopie Zanetti

    Simple, Agnelli fiddling with the books again.

  14. Interello

    Awesome signing, good to see Juve and Inter flexing their muscle in the market!

  15. Libero

    i love how everything Juve does is creampuffed. spending 75 to maybe get 80…clownsense… its like the editor works for them…lol but inter selling lukaku and hakimi for 190 million raised costs…hahahaha

  16. GIO

    Forza juve@

    Yeah right . That’s why so many of the best players in the world in their prime outside serie a want to come to Juventus?

  17. Dra

    Juve are gonna sell De Ligt in the summer for sure… that is how they can afford it

  18. Dra

    Moreover, by sending Morata back to Atletico they would save 35m which would otherwise go for the buy-out, and save 5m/year on his salary

  19. FGSZ2

    Keep in mind if he does well, a potential sale down the road could be well more than what they paid for him. This could be a huge pay day down the road.

  20. ma dai

    They cant afford it, its just another big club flaunting the rules with zero repercussions. Then when this transfer also fails, they well bleat again about how the Super League is absolutely necessary to “save” football.

  21. Brandon

    Dra: who will Juve bring in as CB?

  22. DRA

    @Brandon There are options for free or cheap, for example Romagnoli or Gatti, but in any case it is an area where Juve are kind of good even without De Ligt… with Bonucci, Chiellini, Danilo, Rugani…

  23. Brandon

    Thank You.

    I heard Romagnoli’s name before.

    I would have liked to have seen how good Rugani would have been had he not been buried behind these 2 animals, Chielo and Boni.

    The Dutch and Barca have always had a history. If he wants to go there, by all means, PLEASE LEAVE. Saves us from having to pay him as our highest paid player who is on the bench.

    At the very least it we won’t have to worry about his handballs anymore.

  24. Keefo

    Vlahovic staying in Serie A is very positive for the league. From reports, he clearly could have gone to the PL and had a higher salary but it was his personal choice to stay in Italy. This is good. Considering the overflowing rivers of cash flooding the PL at the moment, it is good to see a Serie A team come out on top

  25. Dra

    @Brandon To be clear, as a Juve fan I wouldn’t want for De Ligt to go 🙂 And probably Allegri doesn’t want to lose him too… but it is inevitable: He has only two years left on the contract and earns 8 m/year, an amount that Juve simply cannot top to renew him… So, if Juve wants to earn good money they need to sell him this summer

  26. ConCon

    De Ligt Out as Rugani is finally proving himself, i was one of his biggest critics but his perfomances really impressed me and we get Romagnolli, sounds good to me! So we defo have money for Vlahovic and a Maestro Mid player hopefully butdifficult to find though

  27. Ale

    Just prepare the life after de ligt at Juventus in the summer
    They have to sell him, no more failure this time

    This guy is great but consider his big value, Juve should sell it now

    He won’t be the same great as Chiellini/Bonucci/Skriniar/Ramos/VVD in the future so the best is to release him

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