Higuain on Juventus belly, Napoli doubts and laughing at Arsenal

by | Jun 23, 2022 22:10

Gonzalo Higuain confirms he would ‘hold in’ his belly during Juventus photographs, had ‘no doubts’ when leaving Napoli, but laughs Arsenal ‘thought I was too expensive and then paid for Mesut Ozil!’

The Inter Miami FC striker spoke to Tyc Sports in Argentina about his career, most of which was spent in Serie A with the Partenopei and then the Old Lady.

Often criticised for his weight, Pipita admits the pressure to stay in shape stepped up in Turin.

“Juventus were more demanding over my weight. They took a photograph of me every year, but I just laughed, as I knew how it was going to end… with 30 goals. At times I still held my tummy in for the photos, though.”

Higuain set a new all-time record of 36 Serie A goals in a single campaign with Napoli, but still only finished second in the Scudetto race, so made the move to their arch-rivals Juventus.

“I left because I thought what else do I have to do in order to win something after scoring 36 goals? So when Juventus came along and asked after me, there was no room for doubt.

“Napoli fans were very angry, but what goes around comes around, so for all the insults and hate they aimed at me, I scored six goals against them in eight games.”

However, the Argentina international does reveal he very nearly went abroad to the Premier League in 2013.

“I remember that I was on the verge of going to Arsenal when I went to Napoli, but they said I was too expensive. And a few days later, they paid €80m for Ozil!” laughed Higuain.

In fairness, the cost of that Ozil operation was closer to €50m, but still significantly more than the €40m Napoli paid to get Higuain from Real Madrid in 2013.


  1. Naples 15

    Higuain had a solid career no doubt, but he sounds like he thinks he’s one of the greats. He pulled a Kevin Durant and went to the 5 time defending champions, of course Napoli fans would be upset. He won a few league titles, but only when he played for a powerhouse stacked Juventus or Real Madrid team. He never won a champions league, he might have cost Messi a Copa America, and definitely cost Messi a world cup. Good player with a good career, but overall I’m sure Juventus regretted the €90m they gave Napoli for him.

  2. Al

    @ Naples 15: Agree!

  3. Gino

    One of the most unlikeable people in the sport

  4. RobBie

    @Naples 15 I totally agree. Also was never a big game player. Off the top of my head I can’t really think of many big game plays he made but can see many failures in them whether with Juve, Argentina, or even Real

    Don’t get me wrong. A very very good player but most definitely not anywhere near the all time greats


    In many ways hes the symbol of Juventus. Won league titles but also lost almost every single final he played, often because of him.

    Lost World Cup final in 2014, Copa America finals in 2015 and 2016, and Champions League final in 2017.

    Was blamed by his home country for being the reason Messi didnt win anything with Argentina. Retired from the national team in 2019 and then Argetina won the Copa America in 2021.


  6. Lynchy

    @Robbie As he said 6 goals in 8 against title rivals Napoli. Two goals in away champions league semi final game. Seem like important goals to me…

  7. Ravanelli

    I wish he was stronger mentally, he would’ve had an even more impressive career.

    Messi fanboys destroyed him though.

  8. Robbie

    @Lynchy if 8 goals in a career if probably 500 games (maybe more, I did not research) makes him an all time reat in your world then so be it. As for me, it simply means he was a very good player. Definitely not a great

  9. Tobo

    @Robbie, those 8 goals were not his total scored. He got 36 in one season alone(and before you start off againthat was not 36 in 500 games either). You should have researched.

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