He did it again: Mourinho showed three fingers to Juventus fans

by | Oct 17, 2021 22:43

José Mourinho once again taunted Juventus fans by showing them three fingers as a reminder of the treble he won with Inter.

As a former Nerazzurri coach, Mourinho has a tricky relationship with the Old Lady’s supporters who, as expected, didn’t give him the warmest welcome at the Allianz Stadium.

They repeatedly insulted the Roma coach who only reacted once.

Mourinho protested when Daniele Orsato gave three minutes of added time and DAZN showed he kept three fingers held high pointing to Juventus’ Curva Sud.

The Portuguese had done exactly the same thing three years prior, when he was in charge of Manchester United and faced Juventus at Old Trafford in a Champions League group stage game.

Five times Mourinho taunted Juventus

That time, he deliberately showed the three fingers during the match, staring at Juventus fans.

“Obviously, Juventus fans are not in love with me,” Mourinho said after the game.

“The hardest moment for them was when we won the Treble. But with players, technical staff and management, there is total respect.”

Mourinho showed that respect towards Juventus and Max Allegri tonight, but his tense relationship with Juventus fans, perhaps, will continue forever.

epa09529260 Roma?s coach Jose Mourinho reacts during the Italian Serie A soccer match Juventus FC vs AS Roma at Allianz Stadium in Turin, Italy, 17 october 2021. EPA-EFE/ALESSANDRO DI MARCO


  1. Al

    He’s always a sour loser and will always find something to complain about !

  2. Cypher

    Trying to deflect attention from his loss.

  3. Ghazi

    He’s a winner and as can be seen from the comments here, very much hated by sour losers!

  4. Chuck

    Crying as usual.


    Mourinho is well suited to Serie A – yesterday’s man, like the league itself. Plenty of goals and excitement, but the quality is a shadow of what it once was.

    Time to sort the league out from top to bottom and quit living in the past like Jose is.

  6. cg

    Yes, it was difficult to watch Inter win the Treble. But at least an Italian team won the Champ League. We should have got him instead of Sarri. By now we’d have a Champions League victory. Call him what you like – he knows how to win.

  7. Marco Cipollini

    Hi ferban…plenty players in serie A that won the Euros however…u not remember? Wasnt so long ago….

  8. Aiz

    He won when juve are down..what can he do now? Even now Juve are in rebuilding stage now but he still failed to win..very sad

  9. Sylver

    Im a Juve fan and i respect Mou.He is a good coach anyway.

  10. serie a lover

    i saw a comparison between connor mcgregor and mourinho. the similarities are there. both former people that had success but these days are more known for their mouth than winning titles

  11. Keefo

    I think he was questioning/arguing/mocking the officials as to why they were only adding 3 mins of additional time. Orsato seemed to agree with him and played almost 4. Considering the stoppage for a var review, injuries and subs in second half, I did expect more time in fairness. When Juve won possession of the ball heading for the 4 mins mark, Orsato had no option but to call it an end.

  12. Vince

    Not a fan of mou (or any of the teams he has managed) but he was clearly indicating that he wasn’t happy with 3mins injury time added!not having a dig at the Juve fans..

  13. Shearer *

    Show him the respect

  14. Ahmad

    Every one know Mourinho is acoward coach because he always seek which have much money to spend he can’t manage middle level clubs like current club ( ROMA ) and look at New Caslte United who bought Saudi millioneers he can only stay and couched where he can alot of players example at attacker he needs ro have 4 attackers. 3 leftback. 3 rightback. 6central defenders. 3goalkeepers. 4leftwing and 4rightwing and also 6central midfielders. Total 33 players where other coachs have 23 oficial players.

  15. FERBAN

    @Marco Cipollini

    I know that, I won a bet for $240 on Italy winning it 😉

    But we’re not talking about international football, are we? Serie A is the issue. How many of the 22 previous European trophies has Serie A won over the last 11 years?


    FERBAN: you need to ask how many times Inter and Milan have passed the Champions Group stage in those 11 years ? kida hard to win Champions League if you can’t even make it passed the Group stage !

  17. Mududus

    Give Mou the respect he deserv, at least now Seriel A is watched all over the world because of him

  18. Yapayaski

    Don’t be an ungrateful troll like the English football fans, be grateful that Mou is bringing a lot of global attention to Serie A again.

  19. JuveIndia

    @Mududus Ive been Serie A fan from India since Delpiero, Davids days….long before that egomaniac jack head Mou, whose only focus is to grab attention, create hatred, create thugs and play rough. That is how his previous teams won anything. These days refs don’t allow that $4it and instead we can watch beautiful football with less injuries.

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