Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola says Roberto Baggio is the ‘most talented player’ he’s ever played with but warns young footballers: ‘You won’t develop on Instagram or Twitter.’

Guardiola attended an event in Cuneo on Monday morning. It was organised by the CRC Foundation in partnership with the Vialli and Mauro Foundation and Guardiola Sala Foundation.

It took place in Cuneo’s sports hall and was attended by over 3,500 students.

“I think talent is everywhere. I don’t think there is no talent in Italy,” said Guardiola, as quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport, speaking about emerging footballers in the country.

Guardiola, a former midfielder for Brescia and Roma, was asked who was the most talented footballer he ever played with and he replied with no hesitation: “Surely Roberto Baggio.”

Baggio and Guardiola played together at Brescia under Carlo Mazzone who passed away earlier this year.

Guardiola also advised students attending the event who want to become professional footballers in the future.

“You don’t develop talent at home, with Instagram or Twitter. This is impossible,” he said.

“You develop talent with exercises and even by making mistakes. Do you like to play football? Then you have to play a lot.”

The Spaniard was also asked whether he’s ever been close to coaching Juventus but said he’s never been in talks with the Old Lady.

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  1. the best player in europe and the world no internet play play in a country like ours we produce very little no sense totti etc we have to wait 20 years unlike othe nations

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