Green kits banned from Serie A after 2022

by | Jul 15, 2021 16:17

From the 2022-23 season, Serie A clubs can no longer have outfield jerseys that are primarily green after a change in regulations.

Although it will only be valid from next season, the Lega Serie A decided to announce it a year early, therefore giving clubs time to incorporate the new rule into their future designs.

It’s reported this is primarily a change dictated by television companies, who worry the green kits are too similar to the colour of the pitch and could lead to players blending into the background.

There were some green kits in 2020-21, for example Atalanta’s Christmas Tree shirt and Lazio had a completely neon green away kit last term.

It’s not entirely clear how this will affect Sassuolo, whose first choice kits are green and black stripes.

The rule changes on kits also affect socks and shorts, so if more than three colours are used, one must be clearly dominant across the jersey, shorts and socks.


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