FIGC chief Gabriel Gravina said on Monday that Italy are in pole position to host the European Championship in 2032.

Italy last hosted a major men’s football tournament in 1990 with the last Euros to be played in the country a decade earlier, while there were some Euro 2020 matches, including the opener, in Rome.

But Gravina said Italy want to host 2032 and feel they are well positioned to do so.

Speaking at an Italian sports summit, he said: “There are us and Turkey for 2032. We are well positioned. Italy are finally credible.”

Italy are holders of the tournament, having won Euro 2020, which took place across several venues in Europe.

Germany will be the hosts of Euro 2024 while a UK and Ireland bid is up against Turkey for Euro 2028.

Italy have hosted four major tournament in men’s football, winning two of them.

In 1934, Italy won their first World Cup and hosts, while they were also champions the first time they had the Euros in 1968.

But at Euro 80, they could only finish fourth – losing to Czechoslovakia in the third-place play off – and third at Italia 90.

9 thought on “Gravina: Italy in pole position to host Euro 2032”
  1. NOT going to happen with all the red tape. Clubs are forced to give up or at best build on current stadiums like in Florence instead of new bowls. Sadly 🙁

  2. This is akin to celebrating because a penalty has been awarded, before it’s even been converted. Or a charity celebrating because a sociopathic narcissist has pledged them a large sum.

    Boast when the tournament is secured, not before.

  3. If Turkey don’t get 2028, then I’d imagine Italy have little hope of beating them to the 2032.

    Turkey’s and England’s stadiums are light years ahead of Italy’s.

    The clowns running Italian football and the country itself will surely find some way of messing it up.

  4. Pressed chest, fleshed out west, might be the savior or a garden pest. Her bouquet cleaved his hardened shell, And fondled his muscled heart. He imbibed her glistening spell, Just before the other shoe fell.

  5. fix the problem: football system & infrastructure first! then host a tournament. hey gravina are you delusional?

  6. @ “gee” LOL

    u might want to change that name of yours if u ever visit Ireland! 🤣 though on second thought it suits u lol

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