Gravina: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo’s signing a bad move for Juventus’

by | Oct 18, 2021 23:12

FIGC President Gabriele Gravina believes the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo was a ‘bad move’ for Juventus and hopes Italy will host Euro 2028.

The President of the Italian Football Association spoke to tv program Tiki Taka about the state of Italian football.

Despite Italy’s win at Euro 2020 over the summer, many Serie A clubs are facing a challenging economic situation due to the COVID pandemic.

However, Gravina believes the struggles of Italian clubs are the same as those of other European sides.

“We are not bankrupt, we are facing the same issues as other European counties,” Gravina said as quoted by

“At the moment, we are experiencing great difficulties, which the pandemic made worst causing a further €1 billion loss. However, Italian football is attractive, it has an extraordinary appeal compared to other counties, but it has not been developed as it deserves.

“We must work altogether, modernise football and get rid of incidents that have been happened since a few weeks.”

Gravina refers to the many racist incidents that have occurred in Serie A since the beginning of the season.

“We have all the tools to identify those responsible and ban them from stadiums for life,” said Gravina.

“We can do it, we tried to shift an objective responsibility of the clubs to individual responsibility.

“We have the technology and the clubs are collaborating, we can identify the single fans and ban them from stadiums for life.”

According to multiple reports in Italy, the FIGC is considering a bid to host the Euros in seven years.

“I have dreams and I try to realise them,” Gravina admitted.

“I think I have already realised some of them. I hope to make this dream come true for the good of Italian football.”

Gravina also commented on Cristiano Ronaldo’s three-year spell at Juventus and the Serie A title race.

The Portuguese star had joined the Bianconeri for €110m in 2018, but returned to Manchester United in the summer for €15m plus €8m add-ons.

He scored 101 goals in 134 appearances with the Bianconeri, winning five titles, including two Scudetto.

However, Gravina believes his signing wasn’t a good move for Juve.

“I don’t think so, not for my philosophy,” he said.

“It was good for Italian football, but I don’t think it was a positive operation for Juventus.

“As for the Serie A title, I see Napoli and the Milanese clubs well equipped. However, there are always surprises in football. It will be a great season.”



  1. martinn

    it was disastrous, the social media numbers brought lunatics obsessed with him , the goal difference was annihalated, we lost the ten in a row and lost donnarumma. and he scrwd us over for the mercato. terrible move. at least i don`t have to defend one of my players over a salt charges any more.

  2. JuveFella

    Can only agree
    It was a JUVEs biggest signing mistake in recent history
    Making JUVE worse, season by season, destroying a well oiled machine, making it spiraling downwatds both sportingwise & financily…
    What a joke he turned put to be…

  3. Ros

    because of Dildaldo we lost Haaland (before he joined Borussia D) and possibly Vlahovic (now that Juve pockets are drained). Again, the Higuain story didn’t teach us anything. Hopefully, now that Paratici is gone, there is nobody that will try fulfill such crazy ideas

  4. MG2021

    Everyone can say whatever they want …. Agnelli wanted him. Marrotta essentially left the club because of it and sporting wise, it’s been a detrimental domino effect on the team.

    It wasn’t Paratici.

  5. Stefano

    Lol so many clowns up in here

    Ronaldo was fantastic.

    However, there were other players on the team not worthy of the Juve jersey and others who are talented but are lazy.

    Aside from several defenders from which we know of only Chiesa is the only player of substance (and Ronaldo wants to get him away from Juve cause he values his talent but most importantly his work ethic)

    Having said all of that Ronaldo signed with Juve during a transition period on the team really. Without Ronaldo over those past seasons Juventus would have won nothing

  6. Chris

    It was good initially because Juve’s finances skyrocketed, so you have to assume that if they hadn’t had CR7 yes they would’ve had a much smaller wage bill, but that influx of value to the club is what has allowed Juve to report record losses due to the pandemic and not be in as bad a situation as they could be financially if they didn’t sign him. As for the man himself, I’m grateful he came. In the Messi v Ronaldo debate he can at least say he tested himself in different leagues.

  7. Ralph

    Italian football have nothing to envy from other league, only the parasites in charge of the stadia, even if a owner have the money and want to build its own stadium it’s almost impossible because of useless bureaucracy, council own the stadium, they lease it out to the clubs, and they knew if the club has its own stadium that means no rent money for the council so they do everything to make sure no one succeed in building their own stadium, so tell me how the league will grow and attract serious investors this way, it’s ridiculous

  8. TorreDG

    Yes, Yes blame Ronaldo for all the worlds failures , he is a demon who is paid a fortune and can’t bring a trophy to the spoiled Turinese. Except he is probably the most successful player in history who had won more trophies than almost any other player,ever.
    If i remember correctly, football is still a team sport and blaming an overpaid player for your teams failures is not only a sign of poor management but high expectations in a league that has finaly become more competetive.


    Other then domestically he brought nothing to the team to say he is the best in the world is crazy and actually brought the team down. A complete failure in Italy as most stars that come here realize the amateur leauges they come from cant compare to us. Ibra replied to him best when ronaldo said what he would do for juve and ibra stated u dont go to juve to prove something and he could not even do that. There is only one man that did that and then some MARADONA, Ronaldo could not even shine his shoes.

  10. Ahsan

    People talking about the player who has made history after history Juve fans and management should feel peoud that Ronaldo took them to Quaterfinals after beating athletico single handedly so see the stats and then say something

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