Grassani: ‘Juventus likely docked more points over wages’

Sporting justice expert Mattia Grassani warns that if the 15-point penalty was a surprise, then Juventus can expect far harsher punishment for the next trial into misleading statements on the payment of salaries.

The Bianconeri were docked 15 points after an appeal from the FIGC prosecutor using new wiretap evidence saw the original verdict overturned.

Indeed, the prosecutor had only requested a nine-point penalty, but the judge increased it to 15 points.

“Nobody expected the -15 verdict, as in Serie A we hadn’t seen such a strong punishment since the days of Calciopoli,” Grassani told GR Parlamento.

“The federal prosecutor has another dossier for another trial, the more slippery and delicate issue of the four months wages from the 2020 season affected by covid.

“If Giuseppe Chiné takes Juve and its directors to trial again, we could see more points docked.”

Before the appeal, it was assumed that it was very difficult to prove transfer fees were artificially inflated, which was indeed the original verdict passed on all the clubs involved.

However, when it comes to Juventus announcing that their squad would accept a four-month pay cut during the lockdown to help the club through the pandemic, there is a clearer paper trail showing all parties were fully aware this was not the arrangement.

The players only gave up one month and were promised the other three wage packets would be paid in alternative ways.

“If proportion has a value, then the second trial on the wages could be every bit as bad,” added Grassani, who works closely with Napoli.

“These are only predictions at this stage, but we are talking about a worrying aspect that has not been addressed and will be faced in the coming weeks. That procedure must be completed by the end of the season.”

Grassani also explained why it is less likely Napoli will face similar punishment for the Victor Osimhen transfer, which involves €20m valuation given to four players who practically never saw Lille.

“The investigation from the Naples public prosecutor started because the French prosecutors found some very clear irregularities in the Lille books. For the moment, there has been no progress from the opening of the investigation.

“The sporting justice system already rejected the case and we do not know if there is any new evidence that could affect that. Right now, we can say the investigation is still in the embryonic phase.

“Besides, it is also based on just one transfer, so a much more reduced phenomenon than the others under the spotlight.”