Gosens closing on Inter, Atalanta accept lower fee than Newcastle offered

by | Jan 25, 2022 17:29

Inter negotiations with Atalanta for Robin Gosens, on loan with conditional obligation to buy for €22m plus bonuses, is down to the details after the German international snubbed Newcastle United.

The left-sided winger had been targeted by the Premier League club, but was never particularly enthused by the idea of joining Newcastle, who are struggling against relegation.

Once Inter made a formal approach last night, as reported by Sportitalia pundit Alfredo Pedullà, the situation developed rapidly and the 27-year-old agreed personal terms.

It’s reported this is a contract worth €2.5m per season plus bonuses, so considerably less than the €3.5m per year salary offered by Newcastle.

Atalanta had also wanted €30m for Gosens, but Sportitalia, Gazzetta dello Sport and more claim this afternoon a deal will eventually be struck for €22m plus bonuses to reach €25m.

It’ll be an initial paid loan to the end of the season with obligation to buy based on certain conditions being met.

Sky Sport Italia maintain Gosens’ agents are already in Milan and hope to finalise the deal tomorrow.

As Gosens is currently injured and has missed most of the season with this thigh issue, he is an investment for the future rather than the current campaign.

It means Ivan Perisic will probably not extend his contract and can leave San Siro as a free agent in July.

Robin Gosens Euro 2020



    That’s what im talking about! Marotta and Ausilio doing some excellent business again. If we can offload our deadwood and sign Scamacca, Bremer/Ginter + a good midfield backup, i think Inter are ready to dominate Serie A for years to come. Everything is in place to do well.

  2. Milan Fan

    Perisic has been fantastic. Madness to let him go in my opinion even though Gosens is also a great player. Let’s not forget he’s coming off a lengthy injury.

    Anyway, looks like Milan have the least amount of debit and yet somehow the least amount of budget and spending power between Italy’s giants.

    Either these clubs are being run to the ground or we need a new owner. You can only punch above your weight for so long …

  3. InterFan75

    This is great news.

  4. Rian

    Marotta strikes again. I thought Inter will only get Kostic or Castagne. Gosen is one of the best left fullback in the world when playing in 3-5-2 formation. There is a risk with his injury but that is also why Atalanta may settle with lower price.

    Perisic has been great this season of course. But Inter can’t afford to extend his contract without pay cut. He’s 33 and on over 5M/year salary. No hard feeling in losing him though, he’s given everything in all these years.

    @Milan fan, part of the budget in this transfer probably come from Lukaku’s sale. Milan should start getting transfer fee from the sale of their best players too

  5. Nico

    Even as a Milan fan I have to say that will be a cracking piece of business. Great move and at a decent price too.

    Usual Marotta magic.

  6. Brandon

    As a Juve fan I have to admit this would be a good signing for them. I do like Robin Gosens. Always have had a soft spot for players who had to suffer in the lower leagues.

    But the Italy fan in me doesn’t like seeing Di Marco possibly being 2nd choice especially since he recently extended his contract. This could harm his development. A luxury at LB for sure. For the player, maybe sold to another team.

  7. Uncle Z

    Got to admit it even as a Juve fan that this is a very good signing. With Dimarco competing at left back the Inter team is definitely getting stronger. Meanwhile our directors are still going to keep of Sandro and we missed the boat when Chelsea would have paid £60m a few years back. Inter will dominate for a few seasons, but football is a cycle and things will always change.

  8. Interello

    Masterstroke by Moratta, what the 😮 So surpised by this, the guy is a genius!!!

  9. PeterTufaro

    Milan and Juve supporters giving props to Inter for a potential good signing. Fair play to them. So nice to see.

    But Juve signs Vlahovic and the saltiness 🧂 comes out.


    @PeterTufaro… That salt comes from Juve fans like I MISS MARCO BRANCA AT INTER when they start to talk. Vlahovic will be a good signing forJuve, no doubt it. But I don’t understand why fans like him still talk about Inter‘s PAST signings when the article is about Vlahovic!!! Something really hurts him that I really enjoy. In nutshell, If they mock they will be mocked.

    One funny thing about that loser: He goes AWOL when Juve messes up! You never see him talking when Juve lose or the article is about Juve’s bad business, NEVER! Typical loser?!

  11. CHINTER (China Internazionale)

    Thanks Atalanta. Lets go China!!

  12. Vieri

    @Peter Tufaro I don’t know where you saw all those saltiness because Vlahovic was never Inter‘s target. If there was any saltiness it probably came from Milan or Fiorentina‘s fans. Inter have the most goals in the league and only need a backup target man, which Vlahovic is not. We’ve been looking for a back up left wing back and finally got the league’s best left wing back. No reason to be sad.

    Inter’s prime target has always been Scamacca for next season. With Allegri’s anti football phillosophy and Juve’s midfield, Vlahovic barely registers as a threat. Can anyone honestly say Vlahovic would change anything in let’s say, the Milan-Juve match last week?

  13. Recoba

    That would be great!! I’ve always wanted Gosens at Inter. Looking forward to see his arrival to the Nerazzurri Forza Inter

  14. Solointer

    It’s good to see football supporters realising that a payer like Gosens is actually a good signing. More impressive is that since Inter are getting him while injured they’ll be getting a discount. I don’t understand why people compare him to Vlahovic signing because for Inter is for covering for the future but for Juve is for covering their current situation. Both are risks because maybe maybe Gosens injury is worse than reported but still the risks are low compared to Vlahovic who will go to a very different environment with pressure. At the end only time will tell

  15. Asian Fans

    Good news, because he is the player that exactly fit the Inter system as Atalanta and Inter using same formation, no need longer time for him to adapt. But I also like Perisic to stay. Given his form this season, management should reward him at least two more year at his current salary

  16. Brandon

    Dusan is 21 YO. Using him for their current and future. Kean has a lot of work ahead of him but also only 21. Kaio Jorge, we’ll see.

  17. Samy Ibrahim

    Awesome signing for inter, have to admit it as a juve fan. Great Business from marotta.

  18. Yepe

    Milan should learn to Inter how to sign the good players.

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