Giannini: ‘Maybe Zaniolo didn’t listen to Totti’

Roma legend Giuseppe Giannini admits the Giallorossi and Nicolò Zaniolo may have already agreed to part ways suggesting that the 22-year-old ‘didn’t listen to Francesco Totti.’

The 22-year-old may leave the Stadio Olimpico in the summer, despite a contract expiring in 2024. Gazzetta and Corriere dello Sport report that the club is fed up with the Italy international and will listen to offers for him during the summer.

Roma are in no rush to extend his contract and are unhappy with recent claims from the footballer who told La Gazzetta last week that he is flattered by the interest of top clubs.

“If he wants to stay at Roma, which is not a small team, he could say that he was happy with the interest [from other clubs], but at the same this, he wanted to stay,” Giannini told Il Corriere dello Sport.

“Now, his words can be interpreted variously. I remember that Francesco Totti spoke to him a few days ago, giving him advice on how to get the best out of his stay at Roma. Perhaps, Zaniolo didn’t listen to him.

“If it was up to me, I’d make him a cornerstone of the team,” the ex-Roma star continued.

“He is a talent to invest in for his age and potential. Don’t forget Roma won the Conference League thanks to his goal, but it’s not easy to judge without knowing what happens internally.”

Roma fed up with Zaniolo, Mourinho is in a hurry to find a solution

On the other hand, the player’s entourage insists that Zaniolo was promised a contract extension in January, but the offer never materialised.

“If this is true, it means that the club is not convinced about keeping him,” said Giannini.

“Perhaps, everyone has agreed on parting ways. In that case, they should move on.”

Roma want at least €60m for Zaniolo and Giannini has clear ideas about who should replace him: “I’d sign a player with creativity. Someone like Paulo Dybala would replace Henrikh Mkhitaryan or Lorenzo Pellegrini when needed.”

How about Alvaro Morata? The Spaniard has returned to Atletico Madrid after his two-year loan at Juventus.

“He’d be perfect to partner with Tammy Abraham. He already played with Dusan Vlahovic and he can open spaces for Abraham. He is still 30, so he guarantees two or three seasons at a high level.

“It’s not easy to find the right partner for Abraham. He is not like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, he is not a static centre-forward. He moves continuously in the final third.”

7 Comments on “Giannini: ‘Maybe Zaniolo didn’t listen to Totti’”

  1. @zambrotta – I sincerely doubt he’ll find the situation any better in Turin for the next few years.

  2. doubt he did – just typical old man Giuseppe Giannini saying nothing relevant but using totti name

    @Gino i doubt roma can offord to tie him down, they wont be able to pay him 120,000 euro’s a week – dont think they can go above 90k a week

  3. He’s just a bad raised child with no manners or any understanding of responsability. Just read for two minutes what he’s accomplished over the last couple of years in and out of football. For any ‘big club’, this is a non-character they should not at all want to have representing their values and colours. Of course he can play ball, but millions of kids all over the world do, with far better behaviour. Horrible type.

  4. Zaniolo should remembered who made him a star. Well, not yet a star but on the rise.
    You will destroy your career just by thinking about money

  5. How could Totti ‘intervene’? He can barely converse, let alone be able to string a few sentences together to convince anyone of anything.

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