Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis feels that a new stadium is needed in order to prepare the club for the future.

The Rossoneri executive is still working to replace the historic San Siro with a new home for the Milanese side, believing that it’s necessary in order to take a step forward and grow the club as a whole.

First Gazidis noted his strategy leading the club, based on four key principles. “From day one we have had a clear strategy based on four principles. First: the pitch as a priority, because modern football is not only a system of play, but a mentality.

“Speed, pressing, one-on-ones and transitions are fundamental. I wouldn’t want to find Milan as they were two years ago. I would like to see a strong Milan, one that excites and creates pride in all the Rossoneri!

“Second: to increase revenues with a new organisation. Milan is a strong brand that has over 500 million supporters worldwide. We are the strongest Italian sports brand in several strategic markets such as the USA and China. And in the last 12 months we have closed contracts with 21 new sponsors.

“Third: a new stadium. It is necessary to have a future. Four: creating the foundations for economic sustainability. We have a solid ownership, which supports us and strongly believes in this project, but there is still a long way to go.” He detailed.

Gazidis provided an update on Milan’s work to build a new stadium in the Lombardy capital, saying “I understand the fans very well and I assure you that we have invested time and money to try to rebuild the same stadium as the San Siro, but there were insurmountable obstacles and the new stadium would have been completely different from the current one.

“I’m a great believer in the value of memory, but I believe that a great club has a responsibility to work to create new memorable memories. We have to think about future generations.”

He was not impressed with the quality of refereeing in Serie A, noting “In Italy the game has too many excuses, there are too many refereeing interventions. The actual play time is less than in other leagues.”

The Milan CEO spoke highly of coach Stefano Pioli, who has turned the team into a strong side following his appointment. “A person of superior sensitivity! Stefano tries to understand others and cares about everyone.

“Anyone who feels this empathy and professionalism would throw themselves into the fire for him. He is a professional who is in tune with our vision. I like the fact that he makes easy what seems difficult.”

Gazidis also commented on the strengths of technical director Paolo Maldini, highlighting that “He is also an icon, a football legend, but he is above all a sporting director who knows football very well and knows how to look ahead thinking about economic sustainability. In the last three years he has grown a lot.”

Finally, Gazidis gave his thoughts on veteran striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, although he could not provide an update regarding a contract renewal. “I’d rather leave it to Maldini to answer the questions about individual players…

“The Zlatan I know is a man of great intelligence and sensitivity. He has a private identity that I adore and a public personality that he nurtures and uses to motivate himself. After all, to remain competitive at 40, motivation plays a decisive role.”

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