Gazidis: ‘New stadium fundamental for the future’

by | Dec 7, 2021 09:51

Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis claimed the new stadium ‘is a fundamental step’ to remain at the top. ‘I understand the doubts, but I see a brilliant future’.

The new stadium project splits the people in Milan but the Rossoneri CEO believes ‘building new stadiums’ is necessary for the top teams in Italy.

Berlusconi against the demolition of San Siro

Former owner Silvio Berlusconi spoke against the demolition of San Siro, but Gazidis stressed the ‘memories’ will always remain and believes Milan will struggle to stay in the elite of European football without a new ground.

“I understand the doubts, because San Siro is a special place, but it’s necessary to have courage,” Gazidis told the club’s official website.

“Feelings exist and cannot be questioned. The memories of San Siro will be there forever, no one will be able to erase them, it’s impossible.

“Every League in the world that has been successful has done so by building new stadiums, with an incredible and inclusive experience for the fans.

“We have everything that is needed: the football, the people, fans. I see a brilliant future, you just need to have courage. Creating new stadiums is a fundamental step if we want to be at the top of the football world again.”



  1. putuco

    When I remember my visit to San Siro, with some of the worst bathrooms I have experienced in my whole life, I completely understand what Gazidis means…

  2. DB Milan

    @putuco That’s a bit like going to a strip club and complaining about the food.

  3. blop

    its a disgrace that the italian government has created a horrendous beaurocratic system which does not allow for swift infrastructure investment. The country is is desaray. WW2 stadiums, missing seats, track and fields…. worst of all not one clun owns their stadium. Any club that has had the pleassure to build has a 99 year lease. How ridiculous.. I expect more from the FIGC and club owners, to pressure the politicians to remove this terrible red tape. Such an ati free-market system in place. Try buying property and trying to put a twist on the place, its terrible. remove gvt from sports is a must.

  4. Lynchy

    Well said @DB Milan.

  5. ACM1899

    I disagree with Lynchy & DB milan. Sure when you come to the game, you aren’t there to take in the views of the stadium, but you need a new stadium to improve your profits and better the team. And maybe you haven’t been to a brand new stadium, but it adds value to your experience. So yea, hopefully Milan are successful it pulling it off. San Siro will always be special, but we need to move on.

  6. DB Milan

    Oh its massively special, thats why I wouldn’t complain about trivialities like the toilets. The atmosphere is magic and thats what you’re there for. Personally I would like to renovate but I know full well I’m in the minority there and a new stadium will happen.

    Was only taking the pee btw putuco 🙂

  7. John

    Lazio, Roma, Fiorentina, Milan, Inter and Napoli must build new stadiums to compete I CL

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