Gazidis provides updates on Milan’s new stadium

by | Nov 27, 2021 12:43

Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis explains how Serie A could return to the top and provides updates on Milan’s new stadium: ‘We moved to a new phase.’

“Serie A is a league that has been in decline for a while, which is unfortunate, because when I grew up in the ’90s that was the league to follow. That’s where all the stars were,” Gazidis told The Athletic.

“I think there’s been some disorganisation, lack of co-ordination at the team level, at the league level, to really follow the growth of the media-rights deals that other leagues have been able to pursue successfully.

“I don’t think that something like that is impossible to revert. I think it requires professionalisation of the league, which I think is slowly happening by outside investors coming in and buying teams — people that are sophisticated, that are professional, that are ethical, and that want to see a return on the investment.”

Inter and Milan stadium won’t be ready before 2027

The former Arsenal director provided updates on the new Milan stadium which won’t be ready before 2027.

“There are always individual opinions, but what I would say is the main hurdle has been overcome,” he said.

“Now we move to a new phase in the stadium project which is the detailed construction drawings and plans. This takes time with the architects to get ready for construction itself, and we’re now on that. It’s a very dramatic and significant step forward.”



  1. CurvaSud Gallese

    Just remember it was Gazidis who left Arsenal with the most expensive tickets in the game. It wont be investors or income from tv rights who will have to foot the bill for the new stadium.

  2. Dazziano

    Arsenal may have the most expensive ticket pricing but you never see an empty seat in the Emirates stadium. They wanted a new stadium and the fans got what they want and put there money where there mouth is. Milan fans should do the same but considering we will be sharing with our city rivals Inter should mean the burden of cost is easier.

  3. CurvaSud Gallese

    Lets look at the actual facts – Arsenal haven’t sold out one game so far this season and they only sold out 2 in the last season prior to Covid. Don’t believe the hype. It’ll be families and children who will be forced out of the new stadium.

  4. Mallozzi

    I’d happily pay double the ticket price to see the glory days return to Milan and Italy rather than eating the crumbs from the Premier League

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