Gian Piero Gasperini did not mince his words as he attacked the usage of Video Assistant Referee, calling it ‘a dangerous tool that affects results’.



VAR was introduced to Serie A in the 2017-18 season in order to help ensure the correct decisions are made by on-pitch referees during the game. The system still leaves room for interpretation in regards to fouls and offsides, and is often a source of debate amongst fans and pundits alike.

Speaking to Sky Sports Italia today, Gasperini expressed his rage towards VAR and his desire to see it removed.

“The Malinovskyi episode is just the latest. I’m still angry, VAR has become a very dangerous tool that affects the results. Unfortunately, it’s used in situations that are very clear, which then become distorted.

“You don’t understand when the referee decides and when VAR decides. This makes you think negatively, and it’s a bad thing, the worst that can happen to football.

“I hope that the English fans who had the Super League cancelled, will also blow up the VAR system, which is a tool that if badly used really creates great dangers for football.”

VAR is an incredibly divisive piece of technology that always causes debates amongst followers of football, with one side pointing to the increased application of the rules as a positive thing, whilst others suggest that it ruins the magic of live football and leads to over-examination of minor incidents.

The system is used across football now, with it appearing in everything from the World Cup and European Championships to the Champions League and Serie A.

8 thought on “Gasperini rages at technology: ‘I hope the English fans blow up VAR’”
  1. Var is really annoying in Italy because the typical excuses that Juve get all the favourable decisions don’t apply. Maybe then the managers and players have to look at themselves and get on with playing football instead of blaming refs for their problems. Gasp is a manager and his comments are beneath him. If he used this energy in his team, they’d already be in the top 3.

  2. At first I thought VAR was a great idea, because it was supposed to stop players from cheating and refs making huge mistakes. Now, everyone can clearly see that its “incorrect” application is causing far more problems than before it was used, such as goals being disallowed for earlier minor infringements, which in most cases favours some teams more than others (The A-League in Australia for example, is rife with VAR cheating for the bigger teams).
    Unfortunately EVERY TIME a goal is scored in Serie A, celebrations have to be annoyingly held off until VAR reviews the last 5 minutes of play. Football has now become a joke sport because of it, especially the NASA technology used for offsides (offside by a finger nail!!)
    Gasperini is 100% correct and anyone who disagrees needs to find another sport to follow, because this is not the sport we grew up with

  3. Ironically, VAR referees should be ex-players who can only interfere if there is a CLEAR INFRINGEMENT (such as diving for a penalty, CLEAR offside leading directly to a goal etc) instead of stickler referees who have never played the game.

  4. VAR is a good idea and can be fine tool to improve football too, but it needs tweaks in terms of how it’s being applied. Right now it’s a mess.

  5. VAR is not the problem, it’s the people using VAR and their interpretation of the rules. At the end of the day people are still making the decisions and people still make mistakes / corrupt choices (rubentus employees).

  6. It is funny that gasperini gives an example for malinovsky goal for a reason to blow up VAR, Since it was the linesman who cancelled the goal not VAR!!!

    VAR is good for justice. Justice is more with VAR. Though still some close decision might not have justice…. at least we go from 1 meter wrong offside to some mm wrong offside… I like VAR and i think there is 80% more justice with it….

  7. VAR is fine if it applies the same way for every team, but there are teams that you see its clear foul or handball on a TV/phone on whatever you watch it, but then you see no VAR intervention no goal canceled to favor that team, even no replays played untill after the match when its too late to be done anything about it. Best think would be as mentioned above instead of referees add some ex players sent by the playing teams to be allongside those expert referees to make decisionsd together and watch if anything goes missing.

  8. @1MIKEJ VAR is ruining football and it’s idiots like you with incorrect opinions that aren’t helping.

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