Gian Piero Gasperini has won the Europa League with Atalanta, but confessed he is tempted by the Napoli offer. ‘It’s like being married with children, but you meet a beautiful woman.’

The coach has been in Bergamo for eight years and is under contract until June 2025, though there had recently been discussions about extending it even further.

He had never won a single piece of silverware in his career, losing three editions of the Coppa Italia Final, but tonight crushed Bayer Leverkusen 3-0 to give La Dea their first ever UEFA trophy.

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia from Dublin, Gasperini was asked if he is staying with Atalanta next season.

“We are celebrating tonight, I will talk to the President tomorrow. We’ll see,” he replied.

“I am in an odd situation sort of like where I am married with children, but meet an absolutely beautiful woman. Maybe that’s not a good example for me to say on television!”

The Sky Sport Italia pundits laughed and tried to make sure Gasperini won’t be relegated to the couch when he gets home, suggesting instead that he has a nice family home, but has been offered a penthouse apartment in the city centre with terrace.

“That might be better!”

Napoli openly courting Gasperini

Gasperini is no longer even trying to deny that he is giving serious thought to the Napoli proposal from President Aurelio De Laurentiis to completely rebuild the club along with new director of sport Giovanni Manna.

He had also said a few days ago that it was not about money or contracts, but “the challenge” that intrigued him.

Perhaps winning the Europa League is therefore the best way to leave Atalanta after eight years when he transformed them from relegation strugglers to UEFA tournament victors.

They had already qualified for the Champions League even before winning this trophy and could still finish as high as third in Serie A.

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  1. Congrats on winning something far more important than Coppa Italia, thank you for saving our league. But please don’t be naive Mister, ADL is not your friend.

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