Gasperini confirms Ilicic mental health struggle: ‘Our minds are like a jungle’

by | Jan 22, 2022 22:02

Gian Piero Gasperini confirms Josip Ilicic is struggling with mental health issues again and cannot guarantee he’ll be back for Atalanta. ‘The insides of our minds are like a jungle. It’s all very unpredictable and delicate.’

There had been reports the Slovenian was out of the games against Inter and Lazio not because of COVID-19, but due to mental health concerns.

It would be the second time his career had been at risk due to these concerns, as he had also been on the verge of retirement in 2020.

“It is never easy for me to talk about a situation like this, because it is very personal. I can only say we will always be close to him, because these are situations that go beyond football, beyond the profession,” the coach told Sky Sport Italia.

Some have suggested Ilicic is ‘fragile,’ but Gasperini assures anyone can suffer from mental health problems.

“We have known him for many years, had many happy moments together. I can say he is a very normal, positive person, but the insides of our minds are like a jungle. It’s tough for psychiatrists to work out what’s going on, let alone for us.

“I just hope he can return and rediscover some joy playing on the pitch.”

Will Atalanta wait for Ilicic to recover again or is there truth in suggestions the Slovenian could terminate his contract by mutual consent and seek a new experience?

“He knows as a person we’ll wait for him forever. As a player, I cannot answer that, it’s all very unpredictable and delicate.”

Josip Ilicic hmm


  1. Vincenzo

    My best wishes to illicic hope for return

  2. AtalantaNana

    Very sad to read this news. Love and Best Wishes to Josip. Hope to see you back strong and scoring goals again. Stay Strong. 🙏🙏💝💝

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