Furious Inzaghi sent off after penalty decision in Inter-Juventus

by | Oct 24, 2021 22:02

Inter coach Simone Inzaghi was sent off after referee Maurizio Mariani awarded a penalty to Juventus, becoming the fourth coach to be given his marching orders in Serie A Week 9.

The Old Lady was awarded a controversial penalty kick in the final minutes of the derby d’Italia and Inzaghi didn’t take Mariani’s decision well at all.

The Italian tactician lost his cool and screamed at the referee while throwing a bib to the floor.

Mourinho and Spalletti sent off in Roma vs. Napoli touchline drama

Mariani gave him a straight red card which makes Inzaghi the fourth referee sent off in Serie A this weekend.

Atalanta coach Gian Piero Gasperini had seen red in the lunchtime match against Udinese and went even further in his post-match interviews, claiming that match officials are ‘a big problem’ in Serie A.

Both José Mourinho and Luciano Spalletti were sent off in Roma-Napoli, but for different reasons.

The Special One collected two yellow cards for dissent, while Spalletti applauded Davide Massa after the final whistle.

During his post-match interview, Spalletti tried to explain that his words did not aim to taunt the referee.

Gasperini: ‘Referees are a big problem’

Inter Fiorentina


  1. ALpHAN

    Controversial? Dumfries got no ball and fouled Sandro in the box. It’s a penalty.

  2. Solointer

    While in the same match VAR doesn’t check a clear handball in the first half. They seem to check only Juve were involved.

  3. Pinturicchio

    Hilarious, to garner more hits on such rubbish articles, the penalty awarded to Juventus was “controversial”

    If the shoe was on the other foot, and Inter would’ve been awarded the penalty versus Juventus, would Inter be okay with VAR cancelling the penalty? No? LOL, there’s your answer!

    “Inzaghi the fourth referee sent off in Serie A”

    LOL the 4th manager/coach, not referee. Does anyone even proofread these articles anymore?

  4. AyeP

    Problem is everytime theres some sort of “mistake” done with reffing or some unprecedented moment with VAR it always seems to benefit juve….. like always. Inter would have never had var stop the game to review something the ref had already looked at in real time before signalling for the game to resume….. to act like thats not messed up is to he completely ignorant in my opinion. Was not a clear and obvious error therefore VAR should not have been used.

    This is exactly why the Italian league still has so many detractors.

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