From Inter and Juventus links to radio silence, what’s going on with Scamacca?

Gianluca Scamacca seemed destined for the jump to a top Italian club this summer but things have fallen quiet in recent weeks, raising doubts about his future.

Back in the January transfer window, the 23-year-old Italian forward reportedly turned down multiple offers from abroad as he was convinced that he could earn himself a move to one of the biggest clubs in Italy like Juventus, Milan or Inter. Scamacca had an impressive season under Alessio Dionisi, scoring 16 goals in 36 Serie A games, and he looks set to take over the number nine role with Italy.

La Gazzetta dello Sport details how Scamacca’s €45m price tag scared off Juventus, Milan or Inter, leading all three clubs to focus on other targets instead. The 23-year-old now has to decide if he wants to stay with Sassuolo or move to a foreign club.

West Ham have explored a possible deal and don’t seem too concerned about his price tag, whilst Paris Saint-Germain also remain keen, although they’re waiting for players to be sold before they’d consider a move.

Staying with Sassuolo wouldn’t be the end of the world for Scamacca as he’d continue to receive consistent minutes under Dionisi. He’d also still receive a call-up to the Italian national team, so it may be preferable for him to stay in Italy for the time being over a risky move abroad.

11 Comments on “From Inter and Juventus links to radio silence, what’s going on with Scamacca?”

  1. We have ti take him near Vlahovic, because if Vlaho get injured we are in big trouble and need to forget that Morata and Kean, we also need to take Zaniolo or Raspadori

  2. Unfortunately There is no real Italian attacker since Cristian Vieri time 😖 all these Italian names are unreliable I hoe Scamacca do better this season
    Forza Inter 🖤💙

  3. 45m is simply ridiculous. Serie A ain’t the Premier League. Maybe someday he’ll be worth that much or even more but today he’s worth maybe half of that even considering his age and potential for future.

  4. Blame it on his greedy president and his indifferent attitude. As soon as Inter showed interest, they (he and the club) thought they were the hot topic and clubs will fight for his service. News flash, he is not in the elite bracket yet. If he prefers a club, lets it be known and works on and off the pitch to earn that move.

  5. For christ sakes why is he scared to go to the EPL? He can make much more money, play in a better league and as far as the NT goes, as long as he is scoring goals Mancini will have no problem calling him up as Mancini coached in the EPL and is fairly progressive in this regards.

  6. If Scamacca is Italys new No.9 hope, then he really needs to be playing every week. Regardless of who he signs for, being a regular starter should be his No 1 priority. Otherwise Mancini and Italy better start looking for another No 9.

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