From Argentina: furious Dybala to snub Juventus contract offer

epa09607843 Juventus' Paulo Dybala shows his dejection at the end of the Italian Serie A soccer match Juventus FC vs Atalanta BC at the Allianz Stadium in Turin, Italy, 27 November 2021. EPA-EFE/MASSIMO RANA

According to reports in Argentina, Paulo Dybala is unhappy with Juventus‘ decision to change their contract extension offer and is ready to open talks with other clubs, leaving Turin as a free agent in the summer.

Dybala sees his current contract expire at the end of the season and according to multiple reports in Italy, he had agreed to sign a new €10m-a-year deal until 2026.

However, La Gazzetta dello Sport reported earlier this week that the Bianconeri would withdraw their contract extension offer, making a new proposal to the Argentinean.

Juventus may offer Dybala the same salary (€7.3m-a-year) or even a lower one because of the striker’s physical issues and the club’s financial problems.

TyCSports journalist Cesar Luis Merlo reports that Dybala would not sign a contract extension under the new conditions.

La Joya is annoyed with the Bianconeri and is now open to hearing offers from other clubs.

‘Dybala has decided not to renew his contract with Juventus unless the situation changes drastically,’ the Argentinean journalist claimed on Twitter.

Dybala is Juventus best scorer this season with nine goals in 20 appearances across all competitions.

However, he has already missed nine games due to injuries.

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  1. Juve has been trying to offload this kid for years he s good but Juve insist on an over inflated value, at 10 Milly a season Juve can keep him rather have Abraham or Osimhen for half the price

  2. Dybala has the natural quality that Juve could’ve built a formidable attack around but instead they look to outside investments (or RE-investments such as Morata and Kean). I can’t say I don’t like to see Juve suffer but it feels like the self destruction is happening in slow motion like a slide show and I feel myself questioning “Why have they done that?” with more and more decisions that are made.

  3. Comments made by the club indicating that he needs to prove his worth is harsh, as to his credit, he’s always given 100% for Juve. In reality the guy is injury prone and has been for a while now, so £10M a season for such a player, despite his talent, is excessive under the current economic climate. Although it will be a big shame, in light of the facts, maybe it’s time to part ways and use that money to help rebuild the squad?

  4. Also if a player misses 9 games but is still your top goalscorer there are much bigger problems to be solved.

  5. Let’s face it. As painful as it is to say, this guy is not a champion. He has scored in serie A, but in Champ League, he had one good match vs Barca in 2017. He is too weak to carry the team on his shoulders, and generally, far to diminutive and left-footed. He’s no Messi. I say let him go, and use that money to rebuild the squad.

  6. He is no 10, this is his team and he is injured like couple of last seasons.. where they sit?

    Dude has quality but taking everything in account he is not worth that money now.

  7. Don Pavel Nedved and Arrivabene showing how its done. Remember guys, you need Formula 1 experience to master the art of cutting costs like this.

  8. To be honest, he is not worth the money and the injuries will only keep getting worse. Shame we didnt sell him earlier but maybe its bests for both sides to move on and give the no.10 to Chiesa who can then be paired with a more suitable attacking partner.

    This might look bad on paper but in reality we need this change. Shame for Paulo though i feel this is not his fault at all and previous managements should have built a team around his talents or sell him, instead they were keeping him around when clearly it wasn’t working with Ronaldo.

  9. Whilst can understand Juve’s position on this, why would they leave this decision until now?
    His physical problems have been apparent for a while, so burning their bridges now, when he is no longer sellable seems a strange choice. Why not just sign the contract as planned and then off load him at a later point? I would guess his market value is still above the whole 40m value of the contract.

  10. Dybala is not worth £10m. A very talented player who scored an amazing goal against Roma but does not show up against Inter. He is the vice captain and did not run and showed no urgency to make something happen. Hot and cold too often but he should be asking Marotta for the move. Even if he was to accept the same money, but move to Inter he gets a new lease of life and a higher standard of players around him.

  11. Ricky, the higher a player’s salary the harder it is to sell. The injury history will make it almost impossible. Nobody will take him. Exhibit A: Aaron Ramsey and his 400k pounds per week salary.

  12. We can beat around the bush as much as we want ,but the truth remains that we need him.He is our best player and it’s not easy to find a player like him.And also ,he would struggle anywhere else he goes.He would become like Coutinho ,only because of money.Its bad for both parties to separate .With Chiesa gone ,we need him even more.

  13. Juve’s been run like a circus for a number of years now. Money has hidden their problems. The wages offered to players prone to injury and physical weakness have been ridiculous. What the Ultras displayed to Agnelli is ugly but they have every right to be mad. The club is in this situation because of mismanagement from the top down.

  14. He could have signed when we were ready, he haven’t acted like a true 10. And of course the injury’s that have piled up. Truly disappointed at him that react this way, NO ONE IS BIGGER THEN THE CLUB. Forza Juve.

  15. I really think it’s better for sides to let go la joya. I don’t what happen to him but he is it the same dybala as 3 years ago. Plus juve is broke. I am sorry see but byeee bye paulo

  16. nowadays u sell a player for free u can get another player for free too. its like 2 years ago when u sell a player for 40m u can get another player for 40m too

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