Former referee reveals Orsato’s ‘first’ mistake in Juventus-Roma

by | Oct 18, 2021 20:58

Former Serie A referee Tiziano Pieri believes Daniele Orsato’s ‘first mistake’ in Juventus-Roma was to have the whistle in his mouth. ‘Had he had it in his hand, he would have had more time to think.’

Orsato was in the spotlight on Sunday. He went against the guidelines by blowing the whistle too early for a Roma penalty, therefore denying a Tammy Abraham goal, and Wojciech Szczesny then saved the spot-kick.

Although Henrikh Mkhitaryan passed the ball to Abraham with his hand and, therefore, the goal should have been disallowed, Orsato still blew the whistle too early and didn’t play the advantage, going against the guidelines.

Pieri, a former Serie A referee, analysed the incident during La Domenica Sportiva.

Juve-Roma ref controversy: Mkhitaryan passed the ball to Abraham with his hand

“I think the first mistake was to hold the whistle in his mouth,” Pieri said.

“If Orsato had the whistle in his hand, as it usually happens, and not in the mouth, he would have had more time to assess what happened.

“I think he put the whistle in his mouth after the contact between Abraham and Danilo and after the second incident, which is a clear penalty, he blew the whistle. He was a little unlucky as well.”

The AIA won’t suspend Orsato after Juventus-Roma so he could be appointed for another Serie A match next weekend.

epa09162467 Referee Daniele Orsato reacts during the Italian Serie A soccer match between SS Lazio and AC Milan at Olimpico Stadium in Rome, Italy, 26 April 2021. EPA-EFE/MAURIZIO BRAMBATTI


  1. JuveIndia

    to all those blaming the ref, would Henrikh Mkhitaryan have got a yellow for handling the ball had the ref allowed play on ? pure noise!!!!! move on mofos Roma deserved to loose in-spite of a penalty. Winnie babies

  2. Rio

    Roma outplayed juventus. I get that they lost but how the hell can anyone logically say they deserved to lose. Roma made juve defend there box for the entire 90 min. Also how the hell is it being reported that mkhitaryan passed the ball with his hand, what slow motion angles people be watching these days

  3. Juve Fan

    Roma outplayed Juve? Roma made Juve defend?
    How many real chances did Roma create? Only a half-chance, a header on a free-kick. And the penalty was the result of a Chiellini odd error.
    Allegri’s Juve almost always play like that. Juve scored a goal, Kean could have scored another on Berna’s bicycle kick rebound; on the other hand, Szczesny wasn’t forced to do anything except on the penalty.

  4. J10B

    Amazing to see how different teams are treated by the press. Handanovic incident vs Sassuolo did not even get reviewed by VAR as how could they when the ref blew the wistle 3 sec after. Why was protocal not important then? Here the ref made the right call, but because Juve is involved it blows up.

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