Paulo Dybala is a free agent now after Juventus announced they would not renew his contract, so German Denis and Ciccio Graziani urged Napoli to go for La Joya.

The Argentina international’s current deal is due to expire on June 30 and the club has confirmed it will not even offer him an extension.

That means he will be available as a free agent in the summer, with clubs such as Inter, Tottenham Hotspur, Atletico Madrid and Arsenal interested.

However, two former players maintain the ideal solution for Dybala would be Napoli, following in the footsteps of Diego Armando Maradona.

“I tell Aurelio De Laurentiis to make this splash on the transfer market and sign Dybala,” Denis told Radio Kiss Kiss.

The same suggestion was made by Graziani, who won the 1982 World Cup with Italy.

“If I were Napoli, I would make an economic sacrifice for his salary and sign him. Imagine the kind of enthusiasm the arrival of Dybala would generate,” Graziani told Radio Marte.

“I think it would also be a feasible deal on a financial level for Napoli.”

5 thought on “Former players urge Napoli to poach Dybala from Juventus”
  1. lol Dybala is no Maradona. And no way in Hell ADL pays 11 million a season for him, especially with Napoli seeming to always finish top 3 and with a balanced budget. He’s not elite enough.

  2. ADL is already planning on selling Victor Osimhen for 100M+

    He is not the kind of owner that would offer Dybala that kind of money

  3. yeah I’m sure ADL is ready to pay Dybala 10M+ a year just so that he spends most of the season on treatment table…

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