Football world when Juventus were last trophyless: Man Utd, Dortmund champions

by | May 13, 2022 19:45

It has been 11 years since Juventus last finished a campaign without a single trophy.

Luigi Delneri was manager when a disastrous campaign saw the Bianconeri finish seventh in the league, while they were eliminated in the Europa League group stage – finishing behind Manchester City and Lech Poznan – and the Coppa Italia last-16 by Roma.

The 2010-11 season was Old Lady’s last before they moved to the Juventus Stadium and the arrival of Antonio Conte which sparked domestic dominance and nine consecutive Serie A titles.

But in 2011, things were a little different around in the world of football.

Juve’s top goal scorer that season was Alessandro Del Piero with 11 goals in all competitions, while they kicked off their league campaign with a 1-0 defeat at Bari.

Milan were Serie A champions while reigning Treble-winners Inter retained the Coppa Italia.

Elsewhere, Manchester United were Premier League champions and Champions League finalists – their last appearance in the competition’s showpiece – while Jurgen Klopp had led Borussia Dortmund to the first of their back-to-back Bundesliga titles. Bayern Munich finished third.

Schalke, who this season achieved promotion back to the Bundesliga were Champions League semi-finalists with Manuel Neuer in goal, while Man City won the FA Cup, their first major trophy for 35 years.

Pep Guardiola won his second Champions League title in three years with Barcelona, a feat he has not achieved since as manager. The Catalans were also LaLiga champions.

Jose Mourinho had just finished his first season as Real Madrid manager which yielded a Copa del Rey title and plenty of controversy off the pitch.

Lille were Ligue 1 champions, also winning the Coupe France. Paris Saint-Germain finished fourth and would be bought by Qatari Sport Investment that summer.

In the Netherlands, Frank de Boer was gaining a reputation for a young manager to keep an eye, breaking Ajax’s seven-year duck to win the first of four consecutive Eredivisie titles.

Meanwhile, a 34-year-old Andre Villas-Boas led Porto to Primeira Liga success with a stunning 27 wins from 30 matches and also claimed victory in the Europa League.

However, football was not completely different with Lionel Messi winning his third Ballon d’Or award. Though he was playing for Barca the time. He would make it seven in 2021.



    Football is a cyclical game and Juve have entered the prehistoric era with Formula 1 Max. All teams enter the race track with a Super car, but Project Dumbo brings a Morris Miner to the field.

  2. NOrata

    So you’re saying that Juve won’t win anything next season?


    What I’m saying is all Project Dumbo can hope to accomplish with PhD Max at the helm is to be the star of my masturbatory dreams.

    PhD Max with my tongue down his throat is why i wake up to watch Juve every matchday

  4. NOrata

    😘. I’m getting wet just thinking about Lord. Allegri you’re dumped.

  5. NOrata

    😘. I’m getting wet just thinking about Lord. Allegri you’re dumped.

  6. Basta Poco

    I don’t know why I have this impression that Lord Allegri doesn’t feel the love for Mister Allegri. Ah but what do I know, I like it my team scores than the other team. Pirlo did better last year, sacked. Allegri sucks on toast this year…yeah, let’s keep him a bit longer.

  7. NOrata

    You don’t have to pretend to be me, Lord. I’d happily teabag you just to shut you up. Open wide! #GargleMayo


    @NOrata how did that slip by the moderators? lol


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  13. NOrata

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  14. NOrata

    @Marco Honestly no idea, mate! Always worth trying it on

  15. Chris JP

    Who moderates the comments here?

    Sometimes I post normal comments (can take me a minute or 2 to write them) and they are not published.

    Looking here today, and all I can see is trash talk by some idiots.


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    Lord and NOrata are the same person – how sad

  19. alex

    Max inherited a brutal squad, its not 2015-2018 anymore. This year was transitional, and if we sign Di Maria, Pogba and Szoboszlai, recall Fagioli and keep Soule and bring in a LB we could easily go VERY far in every competition imo

  20. alex

    Cuadrado-Bonucci-De Ligt-Pellegrini
    Joao Felix-Szoboszlai-Chiesa

    Di Maria-Morata-Soule M


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  22. NOrata


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  23. Debu

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  24. Adi

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  25. papa_frezz

    This was fun 😂. FI should just bin off the mods. They’ve binned off most of the decent journalism so why not.

  26. soloInter

    How annoying when sometimes my comments don’t post but stuff like this on some comment sections are actually allowed to go on and on. Lol Like at the very least they should have an automatic system to ban curse words because clearly whatever they are using is not working or just randomly prevent normal comments meaning there’s absolutely nothing at all.

  27. Brian

    Well, the 4th place is a good trophy for players to achieve under Allegri.

  28. ciro


    “So you’re saying that Juve won’t win anything next season?”

    NO, NOrata

    Simply that they will be trophyless THIS season

  29. NOrata

    Ciro, so?? We’ve got 14 Coppe Italia and been to the final 21 times. So what? And won Serie A so many times that we can even give some away and not feel it. It’s OK to take a short break while Halley’s comet goes past. Other celebrate these wins like it’s the World Cup, posing with cigars etc. Glad they’re enjoying themselves though.

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